Chivalry 2 Open Beta: How To Download + Play

PlayStation Chivalry 2 open beta will begin next week. For highest bloodshed,¬†the medieval battlefield¬†pits two battalions against one another, with up to 64 players. There will also be a new game mode called “Free-for-All” in the highly anticipated beta, which pits everybody against everybody.

The warfare will take place from 27th of May to 1st of June, with the full game following a week afterward on the 8th of June. Cross-play capability is also included in the beta, allowing PS5 and PS4 gamers to compete against PC and Xbox crusaders. It’s also essential to note that participation in the beta does not require PlayStation Plus.

Chivalry 2 Open Beta

What To Expect

  • The Slaughter of Coxwell
    • Burning the town, breaching the gate, stealing the gold, and killing the soldiers are all options.
  • The Battle of Darkforest
    • Demolish the barricade, force the convoy to retreat, seize and hold the gatehouse, and assassinate the Duke.
  • The Siege of Rudhelm
    • To win, you must push the siege towers, seize and keep the gatehouse, scorch the shacks, push the siege railings, seize and hold the courtyard, and take out the successor.
  • The Battle of Wardenglade
    • The Mason Order and the Agathian Knights face off.
  • Tournament Grounds
    • Elite Mason Order x Agathian Knights crusaders compete for dominance and the devotion of the public.
  • Free-for-All
    • In this nightmarish free-for-all mode, you’re pitted against everyone else.
    • Open Beta Crossplay
  • 64/40 Player Server Options
    • The choice to enter 40-player servers for fans wishing to participate in more tactical clashes demanding more communication and coordination.
  • Same Platform Parties (New for Open Beta)
    • Prior to entering a Cross-Play game, gamers can now create a team on the same platform.
  • Full Customization
  • Duel Servers

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