Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (Review)

Our Rating: 9/10

Mass Effect is one of the few game franchises that has successfully combined RPG, action, and science fiction elements. BioWare nailed it with a franchise that has had many fans hoping for its next sequel for years. While contents and playable bases of each game have remained largely unchanged, BioWare has aimed to make minor tweaks and enhancements to make the experience more current and relevant.

Except for Pinnacle Station from the first game, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition includes Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 as well as the great majority of their digital content. It’s also worth mentioning that the third installment’s multiplayer has been removed entirely, so don’t expect any DLC.

Game Remaster & Changes

The whole trilogy is available through the main menu. We can choose which game we want to play and it’s the first thing that stands out. In fact, in Mass Effect 1 and 2, the character editor has been merged. They now have the same features in all 3 games. As well as allowing us to pick the regular female equivalent of Shepard directly. We can also import our saved games to reestablish our character and the impact of all of our actions. You can do it very seamlessly with little to no issues.

Mass Effect 1

As the trilogy’s oldest entry, it gets the most attention in terms of visual, gameplay, and user-friendliness. Mass Effect’s functions were inefficient even when it was first released. This was almost certainly due to BioWare’s attempt to strike a balance between action and role-playing dynamics. Shooting, hiding, and fleeing are now all faster than before. Combat isn’t quite as intuitive as that of a modern third-person shooter, but it’s close.

Equipment restrictions are no longer based on class in this game. While some characters have a preference for certain weapon and armor types, the extra versatility is great. The User Interface is more in line with the sequels’, making it simpler to see your character’s armor and HP. Mass Effect now has optimized lighting, graphical effects, and textures, just like the other 3 games in this set. While the sequels benefit from the improved graphics, Mass Effect appears to be a completely different game. Details stand out, giving the world a more realistic appearance.

Multiplayer Mode

The most notable omission, apart from the aforementioned Pinnacle Station, is Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer mode. Playing multiplayer improved your Galactic Readiness in preparation for the game’s final mission. To make up for this setback, you’ll increase your Galactic Readiness by playing through the previous two games and forming as many allies as you can. Although the absence of the addictive multiplayer mode is a disappointment, it isn’t a significant loss in the context of the trilogy.

Maximum Level + Bosses

A new optional mode has been added that restructures the level of advancement. The limit can now be 30 instead of 60. Even though the amount of experience to reach these limits is constant in both cases, as is the number of talent points we will receive in the end. The goal is to make each level up feel like a meaningful and valuable progression rather than having to go up several levels to notice the improvement.

Several bosses have had their battles modified to make them more enjoyable and fair. Ultimately, this allows us to be more imaginative with our approaches and stay ahead of the scenarios. When you combine these changes with the rebalancing of the weapons and controls, it’s easy to see how they’ll make the game easier than before.

Audio Visual

The work done by BioWare on this remaster is simply outstanding. Yes, the passage of time and the condition of remastering rather than remaking are noticeable at times, but the revamp that they have given the three games is impressive. Not only in terms of textures, which are in a league of their own when compared to the originals, but also in terms of the color palette chosen. They are brighter and more vibrant than the originals, and not as dark as it was previously.

Furthermore, everything is in a stunning 4K UHD context, allowing us to take stunning photos. And it’s all thanks to the company’s efforts, which recognize Mass Effect as its most popular franchise. But the adjustments don’t stop there. In addition to the new look and 4K resolution, the game now has a higher frame rate. This allows you to experience the game as never before. In Enhance FPS mode, the game runs at a solid 60FPS at all times.

Finally, we can’t end this discussion without acknowledging that the sound section has seen some improvements as well. While the soundtrack, effects, and English dubbing are all still fantastic, the audio mix and tracks have much greater quality. Making everything sound flawless.

Final Thoughts

One of the collection’s strongest features is the ability to play all three games in succession. Without having to wait years between games, both veterans and newcomers can enjoy a cohesive story. You are free to play the games in any order. But it is better if you begin with the first and work your way up. It’s very satisfying to see how even minor decisions play out throughout three games. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition brings the beloved trilogy back to life in a big way. They may be games from the past, but the updated graphics, UI, and controls give them a new look. Even if you ignore the better graphics and more responsive controls, this is one of the most well-developed sci-fi settings in any medium. It has rich lore, realistically evolved alien cultures, awe-inspiring interstellar planets, and engaging characters. This Editors’ Choice selection is legendary in its own right.


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