PS5 Dualsense Controller To Get Two New Colours – Midnight Black & Cosmic Red

Up until now we only had the Dualsense Controllers in white colour, but that’s about to change soon. Sony just announced that the PS5 Dualsense controller will be getting two new colours very soon. These new colours are ‘Midnight Black’ and ‘Cosmic Red’, and boy do they look good. And they will certainly make the PS5 controller a little more vibrant. For people like me, who are terrified of buying hardware in white because of how easily it gets dirty, it’s nice to have this option.

PS5 Dualsense Controller New Colors

The new colours will be available at all retailers starting June. We still don’t know whether this means that the PS5 itself will get more colour variants, but one can hope. Considering the shortage of consoles plaguing the market, it’s completely possible that something like that might not happen until next year. Especially considering that Sony has made it clear that the PS5 supply shortage can easily last till 2022. The silicon shortage has affected all industries, from gaming to automobile, and the console market is no different. Graphic cards are seeing their own share of ups and downs.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no hope, retailers all around the world have seen some good restock recently. And even if you haven’t been able to snag one, don’t give up yet. Frankly, the PS5 doesn’t have a good line-up of games that you can’t wait a little longer. And you know what they say, good things come to those who wait! Hopefully, though, we should hear some good news soon. If the company’s confident enough to launch new colours for controllers, they might have something in store for the console too.

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