Honkai Impact 3rd X Genshin Impact Crossover

Honkai Impact 3rd’s platforms were the first to report on the Genshin Impact X Honkai Impact 3rd Crossover! With its very first RPG organizing miHoYo’s latest expedition for this crossover. While the collaboration had always been inevitable for fans of both games, it took a long time to happen. Genshin Impact and Honkai are not only from the same studio, but they also have a shared story.

Devalian, a gigantic dragon and a key character in Genshin’s opening scenes, was pictured in a brief flash of the Imaginary Tree in 2020. This was according to the designers. It’s a simple step to discover the Traveller venturing into Honkai Impact 3rd. With a multitude of opportunities and a literal multiverse transpiring.

Following the popularity of a recent Evangelion collaboration, this eventual crossover episode is likely to boost attention in miHoYo’s anime cyborg brawler. Fans can anticipate a slew of new incentives, similar to the Eva crossover.

Although we don’t currently have a lot of information about Honkai Impact 3rd X Genshin Impact Crossover yet, we know that it will arrive with Honkai Patch 4.9.  If you’d like to play this on your phone or PC before it receives some Genshin Impact love, CLICK HERE.

What Is Honkai Impact

Honkai 3rd is a sci-fi game in which Valkyries battle Honkai, a force hell-bent on annihilating humankind. Honkai has a series of wars in which Valkyries must finish all opponents before battling bosses.

Gamers can access unique cosmetics for each Valkyrie. They will fight their way across swarms of enemies in this game, which features only a set of female protagonists.

While the game style differs from Genshin Impact’s, Honkai has a comparable fighting mechanic. So Genshin fans should fit in quite nicely. Give the game a try if you want to see more of your beloved protagonists in a different game.

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