Epic Games: How To Get NBA 2K21 For Free

Everyone recalls the barrage of fantastic games that were offered by Epic Games. GTA V and Civilization VI are among the games from last year. The safe is now open and NBA 2K21 is here!

The price is unbeatable, and NBA 2K21 will be available for free all week. If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, this is a great time to get started: the MyCareer mode allows you to generate your own player and vie for your dream career in the NBA. In MyNBA, on the other hand, you can take over as a general manager or league commissioner.

Mi’pu’mi Games has been replaced by NBA 2K21. From May 13 to 20, The Lion’s Song was available for free download. It’s a storytelling voyage about a cast of Austrian artists and researchers having issues with originality and creativity,


On May 27, another “mystery game” will replace NBA 2K21, which originally cost £49.99 on Epic’s Store. PC gamers can now engage in cross-play for 2K21 on Epic and Steam according to a respective statement from developer 2K.

Epic Giveaway

Since Epic Store’s debut, the company has been handing out games every week. This includes 103 titles in 2020, worth a total of $2,407 at current US rates. The year before, patrons claimed over 749 million free games.

According to a report published as a section of the continuing lawsuit between Epic and Apple, Epic Games spent approximately $12 million on obtaining games for its usual game freebies over a nine-month timespan.

Throughout the first 9 months, Epic provided free 38 games, each with a different ‘buyout price’ paid to the designers. During the court hearing, further reports revealed that Epic had offered Sony a $200 million baseline assurance for “4-6” PC PS ports. Epic also stated that the Epic Games Store had welcomed more than 160 million Pc gamers since its debut in December 2018. This only shows that their “mystery game” tactics are working.

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