How To Open New Vault – COD: Warzone (Nakatomi Plaza)

COD: Warzone players have already figured out the Nakatomi Plaza Warzone vault to collect the valuables inside!

3 secure storage boxes are sitting on the 31st Floor of the highrise. All of which will need a respective access card. You can claim the artillery, armor, Killstreaks, and bonus rewards hidden inside.

How To Open

  • To begin, you can access the 1st secure storage box by finishing the latest Unfinished Business contract. This requires gamers to go out on a Scavenger Hunt for a few supply containers across the Nakatomi Plaza skyscraper.
  • You can unlock the next secure storage box by using C4 on the structure’s roof.
  • Players can acquire the 3rd and final keycard in the unlikely case that you have to thwart a terrorist weapons deal.

Nakatomi Plaza

Nakatomi Plaza debuted in COD: Warzone earlier this week. Replacing the Broadcast Tower site to commemorate the arrival of Die Hard legend John McClane in the combat game.

McClane will make his first appearance in the game series via the in-game COD Store. You can get him with COD Points. He won’t be the sole action hero in the game, however! The one and only John Rambo will join him.

Everything is included in Raven Software’s battle royale game’s “80s Action Hero” feature update.  This week, the designer confirmed that a new patch would deliver fresh content to the game, which would be up today, the 20th of May.

New map sites include an air traffic hanger that has been repurposed into a CIA encampment and several outposts that have been customized to look like the Survival Camps from the Rambo films.

Furthermore, a new Killstreak is out: the Combat Bow. The unique weapon will allow you to shoot a combustible arrow at your opponents, and the Ballistic Knife is a fresh deadly weapon for gamers to discover!

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