Very Very Valet – Review

Our Rating: 6/10

The difficult life of a valet will be confronted in Very Very Valet. Our goal is to provide high-quality service to poor motorists all over the world. To accomplish this, we will need to collect the customers’ cars when they arrive, park them so that we can attend to our other customers, and then retrieve them when the need arises to deliver them to the appropriate location.

A timer will compel us to hurry, whether at the time of pick-up or during the return. The car will vanish if you go over your time limit. When she vanishes, what happens to her? This is the mystery that we, the elite valet agent, will have to unravel throughout our journey’s twenty levels.

Very Very… Repetitive

Graphically, these levels make the mistake of being too close together. Unlike most games, Toyful did not attempt to change the scenery to keep the experience fresh. There are no differences in levels. We travel through a small section of town where incongruous obstacles, such as a plane or a freight train, are encountered all too rarely.

Throughout our games, the experience will be very similar, and unfortunately, this experience will be brief. Allow three hours to complete each of the twenty levels. Three enjoyable hours that fly by but allow you to explore all of the features of Very Very Valet. To put it another way, the full price of $24.99 is difficult to justify with such limited content and graphics that never change.

It’s a pity because the driving sensations and character physics are both enjoyable once you’re in the game. We can sprint, drive, and slam the brakes on cars that are blocking our way. The levels are small and packed with obstacles, funny situations abound, and playing with a group allows for, if not outright laughter, at least a pleasant time spent conversing around the television.


It’s the cold shower, too, when it comes to modification. Our characters will not benefit from any customization options. Only their color can be changed. There are four of them, plus one unlockable after the campaign ends. We’re a long way from a Heave Ho! and its never-ending array of styles, each more bizarre than the last.

Unfortunately, the proposed levels and gameplay mechanics are all the same. They involve an inter-dimensional displacement machine that is almost instantaneous. This is a good idea in and of itself. We quickly escape the constraints due to flaws in the level design.

Only three times out of twenty levels have our ninja reflexes been put to the test. Worse, once this realization is made, the final levels are linked more easily than the first, making them appear easier. While games like Overcooked provide a more challenging experience, Toyful’s mechanics are so poor that the final levels are sucked up far too quickly.

Co-op and Graphics

Of course, the game can be played alone, but the balance seems unique, and the differences between one and four players are subtle. The number of cars is possibly a little lower, but the challenge progresses from easy to difficult. It’s too easy for four, and it’s too difficult to be alone.

The graphics are up to date. If playing on the go is possible, the game will most likely be played docked. Under these circumstances, the game is enjoyable to play and has no flaws other than a lack of variation. Very Very Valet is always adaptable, no matter the situation, and has something to offer the valet confederation.

The music is pleasant but not memorable, and it is not overly repetitive or difficult to forget, allowing the player to focus on the action on the screen.

Final Thoughts

Very Very Valet, which costs the same as an Overcooked 2, falls short. If pleasure exists, it unfortunately only lasts for far too little time. We are naturally dissatisfied with a maximum lifespan of three hours and a lack of variety in the challenges available.

Similarly, the lack of eccentricity in the graphic or level design may cause players to regret purchasing the game. It isn’t the worst game, but it lacks too many features to be considered a serious contender in the race to find a game that will bring us all together in front of our televisions to have a good time.

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