Hokko Life – Review

Our Rating: 7/10

Hokko Life, a game roughly comparable to Animal Crossing, was developed by Wonderscope AB and Team17. Wonderscope, on the other hand, is a small developer company based in Sweden.

Because the game will be released first in Early Access, expect some bugs. They do have a fairly comprehensive bug monitoring page, and the developers are very involved on their social media platforms.

Story Overview

You’ll begin your Hokko Life adventure at a small train station in the middle of a storm. You’ll come across a tree blocking the road that will direct you to a town center inn. Oma and Mas, two Hokko residents, will greet you and introduce themselves.

You’ll discover that the town was once a bustling hub, but that it has become increasingly lonely in recent years. The town is losing visitors, and residents are relocating to other towns and cities.


Character creation allows for a great deal of customization in terms of eyes, skin color, and hairstyle. Crafting, resource gathering, furniture design, and the possibility to make your own designs are all available in the game. You can also participate in fishing and a fishing mini-game.

Seasons are present in Hokko Life, but the developers are still working on enhancing them and bringing more climate conditions, so the weather will vary from day to day. As the seasons change, so will the weather. Manually passing the time can also be accomplished by taking a nap for various lengths of time.

The next day…

Oma will request your assistance in clearing the plaza of a fallen tree. As he hands you an ax to chop down the tree, that’s where you’ll learn about tools. You can chop all day if you need to because there is no stamina bar.

You’ll be off to meet your new neighbors who live on the outskirts of town after getting the ax. Because these are randomized, you’ll meet a wide range of new people.

Sally, the workshop owner and a forgetful dog, will be introduced later in the game. After you’ve completed a few tasks to assist him and Mas with redecorating the town, Sally will teach you how to craft and design. After you’ve gathered everything Sally requires, you can move on to the decoration, which is very simple.

During lunch and supper, various people from outside of Hokko will stop by, and this is how you’ll meet new people. You can eventually invite them to relocate to your town.

Crafting System and More Features

You’ll be introduced to crafting after completing a few more tasks, which is also a very simple process. Simply put whatever is required onto the workbench and select what you wish to create.

When you need more wood, you can plant new trees, and when you want to add some color to the town, you can plant flowers using the gardening system. The seeds (and furnitures) will be sold every day at Mas Shop, and the inventory will change every few days. You’ll soon meet Rosa, who is constructing an office to sell houses to new villages. She will eventually assist you in the construction of your own home.

Final Thoughts

Generally speaking, the gameplay in Hokko Life was not flawless. When the game-breaking bug was discovered, some issues arose, necessitating the deletion of a save file and a fresh start. The developers are well aware of the issues that have arisen, and they are attempting to resolve them as quickly as possible. A few graphic textures were also missing, as were button prompts in some menus.

It was an enjoyable and relaxing experience overall. This game is a great alternative if you liked Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. Hokko Life is a nice, slow-paced game to play if you want to get away from the stress of life or your regular action-packed RPGs.

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