Scarlet Nexus (Demo) – Review

Our Rating: 9/10

You get to choose between two characters in Scarlet Nexus. Male and female characters are inherently different, with one being closer to the action and the other being farther away. Their abilities, however, are identical on paper.

Both characters’ stories are very similar, with minor differences, in terms of their plots.

The male character seems to have been hand-picked and selected for the best squad. As a result, as the level progresses, all eyes are on him. Concentrating on the job he did and how he’s a prodigy.

The female character, on the other hand, was assigned to the B Squad for no apparent reason. Before joining the force, she reportedly went out on her own and saved a large number of civilians.


You have a wide range of powers and abilities in the Scarlet Nexus universe. All of the characters have their type of esper, which will have a significant impact on the gameplay style.

In the sense that you perceive it, you are a psychic. You can lift objects with your mind and smash them into enemies while engaging in regular melee combat.

This could be accomplished in a variety of ways. Slashes are possible while using the psychic attack in a combo. To close the gap, use the psychic attack as a combo, then fly at them and teleport in a dash slash situation.

Male Character Powers

You have four different powers on your team that you can gain from your teammates. When you play as the male character, you can summon fire to your sword, dealing fire damage to specific enemies who have a weakness to fire.

Another ability that the male character has is the ability to teleport. It transforms your dodge dash into a teleport, which is useful in some hidden areas. You can get to the other side by teleporting through a gate or a fence. It can also teleport you straight to the enemy in combat.

The ability to see invisible enemies is one of the other two abilities this character possesses. This is especially useful later in the level when some of these enemies become invisible. Last but not least, there’s this ability to make you tanky by strengthening your entire body.

Female Character Powers

The female character, on the other hand, gains the ability to imbue your element with lightning. Water-based enemies are her adversaries. She can blend into the background. Another ability she possesses is “duplication,” which duplicates any psychic attack performed by picking something up. As a result, every time you hit them, you hit them twice.

You can do a move that allows you to pick up three times in a row if you level up a little and choose your abilities wisely. So it’s six times in a row with the duplicate ability, which is a lot of damage. Hypervelocity is the last of her abilities. She can slow everything down and simply destroy enemies.

Skill Tree

Naturally, an action RPG would be incomplete without a leveling system. In Scarlet Nexus, you gain experience points and use them to upgrade your skills. You can improve your overall strength, health, or learn new moves by leveling up. You can also browse and pick up items during the demonstration. As a result, you will be able to obtain new weapons as well as cosmetics in the future.

They also only have finishers, in addition to the extra moves from the skill tree. So, if you inflict enough damage on someone, you can summon an ally to finish the job or deal massive damage. You can also use a psychic finisher to only hit the enemy once, earning you a lot more experience, currency, and drops.

Final Thoughts

Combat is enjoyable. Aside from throwing random items at enemies, there are a few other items with unique animations. These are strewn about the various stages.

You can make monsters collide with objects. Some of them can be used to break an armor’s seal. An AOE is made up of a variety of other factors (area of effect). It’s all very strange and cool at the same time.

It makes you want to go back and play through the levels again. There’s never a dull moment in the combat. In terms of overall appeal, it is likely what will entice players to stick around and continue playing.

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