Genshin Impact: Where To Find White Iron Chunks – All Locations Farm Guide

White Iron Chunks can be identified by their distinctive surfaces if you’re particularly searching for them. They have a squarish form and have a bare silvery color.

Attacking it will allow you to extract ores. Claymores can dismantle ore much more quickly compared to other weapons in Genshin Impact, so it’s preferable to have one while mining. 1-3 pieces can be obtained from each shattered ore.

White Iron, also known as Crystal Chunks, could be observed all over the Genshin world.  If you come across a spot that has a plentiful source, keep an eye on it on your map. Within a few days, it will reset.

Farm Route

Spiral Abyss

Musk Reef is the very first spot you may go to get white iron chunks. Because of its compact size, the island is an ideal location for white iron ore farming. The archipelago has a sum of 8 white iron ore veins.

Mt. Aocang

Mt. Aocang is also an area with a handful of white iron ores. You’ll come across 17 white iron ore veins on the highest point of the hill and as you come down from it.

Other Locations
  • Brightcrown Canyon, Wolvendom, and the site next to the Chasm are a few of the places in which you can locate white iron chunks.
  • You may also opt to choose White Iron Ores from Shitou. You can find him in Liyue at the Jade Mystery shop. He sells them for 400 Mora. Make sure to note that his supplies refresh every three days.

  • Lastly, the Adventurer’s Guild can help you get white iron chunks by sending you on expeditions. When you speak with Katheryne, you can designate personas to expeditions, including some that payoff White Iron Ores.
White Iron Ores Weapon Use
Prototype Rancour Prototype Animus
Whiteblind Iron Sting
Compound Bow Prototype Grudge
Crescent Pike Prototype Malice
Mappa Mare Prototype Crescent


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