Old Tastes Die Hard – Genshin Impact Guide

Small missions abound in Genshin Impact, and they’re camouflaged all over the part of the world. Many of them have enticing incentives. Old Tastes Die Hard mission can be located close to the Luhua Pool, on the southeast side of the ledge.  There’s a simple structure there with a guy sitting on the porch.

Old Tastes Die Hard

His task is simple: he provides you the identity of his favorite recipe and tells you to gather the recipe and cook it. It also doesn’t involve rare ingredients, compared to Xiangling cook-off. So, why is it that so many gamers are encountering trouble with it?

Mr. Zhu, apparently, is oblivious to the name of his favorite recipe. When he asks for a Sweet Mistress, you’ll realize there’s no list of ingredients for it in your cookbook. What he really wants is a Sweet Madame. It’s a popular cuisine, and you may already have a few on hand. Otherwise, 2 pieces of Fowl and 2 Sweet Flowers is what you need to find.

Foul Meat is from slaying birds that flutter everywhere in the game. Sweet Flower grows in clumps in grass wherever on the map, and if you don’t have some, you can find some near to the man’s spot.

Also, there’s a cooking pot right next to the man, but you’ll have to choose a Pyro ability to ignite it. Prepare the meal for him and he would be pleased. He will give you the recipe for Zhongyuan Chop Suey, as a thank you.

Sweet Madame

Rarity: 2★
Type: Recovery
Recipe: Fowl (2x), Sweet Flower (2x)

Sweet Madame replenishes 20/22/24 percent of Max HP to the intended character, as well as an extra 900/1,200/1,500 HP, based on the quality. In Co-Op Mode, this, as with most meals, cannot be used to attack other gamers’ characters.

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