Genshin Impact: Glaze Lily – All Locations

A Glaze Lily could be discovered growing wild on vibrant ridged flatlands in Liyue’s northern portion, just off Qingce Village. With the help of  Genshin Impact’s immersive map, we’ve tagged all of their spots!

Use MiHoyo’s Interactive Map for more precise locations!

Qingce Village

Glaze Lilies are easily identified by their pale blue dye and yellow middle. It’s important to note that once you locate Glaze Lilies in Qingce Village, they’ll all be in blossoms, which is a distinctive characteristic of the region.

Liyue Harbor

Yujing Terrace is possibly the best location in Genshin Impact for harvesting Glaze Lily. The region is located on the upper floors of Liyue Harbor. While walking up out of a lower Liyue Harbor waypoint may be difficult, using the Mt. Tianheng waypoint allows you to quickly drift down to the terrace.

Once you’ve arrived, keep an eye out for Glaze Lilies, which can be found all over the place. These Glaze Lilies haven’t bloomed yet, so they’ll be extra puffy in shape than those in Qingce Village.

Alternative Way

You could get Glaze Lilies from speaking to NPCs as well as grabbing them up in the wild. Throughout the day, talk with Madame Ping, an old lady who sits next to her tea set on Yujing Terrace. You’ll be given 5 Glaze Lilies if you select her second conversation choice twice.

Ms. Bai in Quince Village is also willing to sell you up to 3 Glaze Lilies. You may buy it but you don’t need to since Ms. Bai is the most notorious thief in Genshin. Her Glaze Lily enterprise is a huge rip-off and a complete waste of funds.

Ms. Bai keeps 3 Glaze Lilies in inventory at a time and retails each one for 50,000 Mora. Given that Madame Ping only gave you 5 of them, that’s an absurdly hefty price. While you are welcome to purchase from Ms. Bai, you must not support this recognized floral dealer.

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