Best Garchomp Moveset – Pokemon Go

Garchomp is a pseudo-legendary Pokemon found in both the mainstream Pokemon titles and Pokemon GO. This is subject to its formidable statistics, which can turn it into a battle creature. This renders it very prominent among trainers who are looking for a good fight.


  • TYPE: Dragon, Ground-type
  • WEAKNESS: Ice, Fairy, Dragon
  • RESISTANCE: Rock, Poison, Fire, Electric


Mud Shot Quick 10 Ground
Dragon Tail Quick 16.4 Dragon
Earthquake Main 46.7 Ground
Fire Blast Main 33.3 Fire
Sand Tomb Main 18 Ground
Outrage Main 33.8 Dragon
Frustration Main 5 Normal
Return Main 50 Normal

Garchomp can know Mud Shot and Dragon Tail as quick battle maneuvers. Each of these skills has its own upsides, unlike many other Pokemon and their quick moves.

Mud Shot will do less harm as a whole than Dragon Tail. However, it delivers more energy for charge moves over time. Dragon Tail, on the other hand, does a lot more damage per sec but uses a lot less energy.

While it depends on the moveset, Mud Shot is the fastest move in the latest meta for Garchomp’s strongest moveset. Trainers will be able to use some fairly powerful charge moves without having to spend a lot of time establishing energy with them.

Gamers must first uncover Garchomp’s second charged move tab if they want their Garchomp to operate as well as possible. It will charge gamers both Gible candy and Stardust. However, it will be well worth it because it will give them more charge alternatives in combat.

Earth Power

Outrage and the currently added Earth Power, are the best overall moveset among the many choices. Earth Power, on the other hand, can be obtained in only two ways.

The first one is to use an Elite Charged TM on Garchomp, which allows users to pick which charge move they wish for each tab. The second approach is to evolve a Gabite into a Garchomp throughout the effective mins of the June 2021 Community Day in the gamers’ local time zone.

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