Genshin Impact: How To Beat Ruin Guards

Ruin Guards are massive cyborg creatures that can be found throughout Genshin Impact. Living up to their title, you’ll frequently discover them lounging or guarding ruins. As a newbie, trying to kill a Ruin Guard may appear to be a daunting task; however, once you learn their maneuvers and techniques, they’ll be relatively simple to dispatch.

Ruin Guard Moveset

  • CLAP – The Ruin Guard crouches down and stretches both limbs in front of him, clapping forcefully.
  • STOMP – The Ruin Guard smashes the floor.
  • PUNCH & JUMP – Before leaping into the sky and touching down at your spot, the Ruin Guard hits the air 2x. A red circle will appear on the map to show where it will land.

These first 3 moves are relatively simple to avoid if you keep an eye on the Ruin Guard’s motions.

  • SPIN ATTACK – As it rotates, the Ruin Guard creates a hazardous frenzy around it, pursuing you.

The spin attack is risky because it deals a lot of harm if you get caught in the frenzy. Ensure you’re not too near to a wall / corner and steer clear whenever it rotates.

  • MISSILES – If you get too close to the Ruin Guards, it will bend down, become static, and fire 6 rockets at you. When this happens, you will be marked with a red detector. The rockets are heat-seeking and can cause a significant amount of harm.

How To Beat

  • Strike either of the Ruin Guard’s weaknesses, either the eye in the middle of its head or a tiny plug on its rear, to bring it down.
  • It is strongly advised that you use a bowman to attack these targets. When you strike the Ruin Guard, they will be stunned for a short time. If you strike the Ruin Guard again swiftly, it will become immobilized and lay down for a brief period, enabling you to strike it as often as you want.

  • Protective runes will emerge on the Ruin Guard’s weaknesses if you land your first blow and are unable to pursue, restricting you from bringing it down for some time. If this occurs, seek to avoid the strikes of the Ruin Guard until you have another chance.

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