Pokemon Go Special Raid Weekend – All Details

Pokemon Go is organizing a Special Raid Weekend with a slew of must-have rewards. On the 12th and 13th of June, Pokemon Go will host an unexpected Special Raid Weekend!

During the event, a larger proportion of raids will emerge at Gyms, such as the Legendary Pokemon Regis, who will all be available in the game until June 17th. There will be two Candy-related perks available during the event. For capturing Pokemon, all trainers will receive double the amount of candy.

In addition, gamers with a level of 40 or higher will get a threefold chance of getting XL Candies. Bear in mind that capturing Pokemon does not boost the frequency of receiving XL Candies; rather, it increases the likelihood of receiving them.

Special Weekend Raid

The Special Raid Weekend takes place in conjunction with the Slowpoke festival, which begins and plays through the weekend. Galarian Slowpoke will only be available during the occasion from 1★ raid. So the 2 activities are most likely to coincide.

Pokemon Go is probably expecting that by increasing the occurrence of raids over the weekend, more trainers will be able to obtain a Galarian Slowpoke. Mega Slowbro will be added to the Slowpoke festival via Mega Raids, which would be more frequent during the Special Raid Weekend.

Pokemon Go June Events

June has been such a slow month for Pokemon Go thus far, with lesser events planned than in other months. Pokemon Go is intending to introduce back its Solstice festival in addition to the Slowpoke episode.

The month will come to a close with a surprise episode that may or may not revolve around the famous Bidoof. Pokemon Go’s Season of Discovery has begun, and it will introduce new Legendary Pokemon and many other delights.

Looking down the road, July is inclined to be steamrolled by the eagerly awaited Pokemon Go Fest, which will feature a combination of free and $5 bonuses for all gamers.

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