Edge of Eternity – Review

Our Rating: 8/10

The project began with only seven people, and it now has eleven. A small group of people collaborated to create this open-world adventure inspired by classic JRPGs. We made our first impression a few months ago, and they left us with a good taste in our mouths. It allowed us to see the title’s full potential, both now and in the future. Now let’s look over the full version and see what Edge of Eternity has to offer.

Heryon is a world torn apart by wars and an extraterrestrial threat. It has wreaked havoc on the planet by unleashing a terrible disease known as Corrosion. This disease, which has spread to every corner of the globe, affects not only people but also monsters and lands. Eventually turning them into abominable beings.

Daryon, a war-torn soldier and deserter on the run from capture, responds to the summons of her sister Selene. She is a priestess on a mission to find a cure for Corrosion. But most importantly, to save their mother from it.

They’re both leaving their lives behind to pursue a common goal. They must travel throughout Heryon in search of a cure for this terrible disease. They will try to discover this as they investigate how far it has degraded the world and what secrets lie beneath it.

Edge of Eternity is a story about love, loyalty, and self-sacrifice. The story is long and well-developed, with epic moments that rival those found in other classic RPG stories. Characters that are well-developed and easy to love. There are chapters in the game. Not all of them were present in the previous Early Access version.

A wide world to go

The setting is wonderful. Its universe is vast, and we can explore many different aspects of it, each one more beautiful than the last. There are areas with a lot of vegetation and flowers, magical areas, and dark areas. There are a plethora of scenarios in which to become disoriented.

We’ll find various materials strewn about the map, which we can use to craft various objects or weapons later. We’ll also find camping areas where we can recharge our batteries and change the time, even the game’s time.

In the cities, we’ll stop by inns to rest, where we can not only do the same things as we can while camping, but also eat and get bonuses while chatting with the characters. As we progress through the game, more of these scenes become available.

Edge of Eternity Secondary Missions helps us better understand the game’s universe and its inhabitants. As well as assisting in the acquisition of experience and equipment, without becoming tedious.

If you thought you’d be walking all over the place, think again: we have a mount, and it’s adorable! The Nekaroo is a gigantic cat on which we will journey across this vast world. Yes, we can pet them and even dress them in different outfits (currently through a DLC).

Fight to save the world

Turn-based combat will be used, and we’ll have to wait for the action bar to fill up before we can launch our attacks. Each character or enemy will be located in one of the hexagons that make up the map. We can move our characters to get closer to the enemy or to avoid a powerful attack that they are about to launch.

In combat, we will be able to use the elements that we find around us to our advantage; for example, if crossbows are available, we can use them to attack an enemy.

If there are some barriers in the way, we can defend ourselves and repel attacks. Additionally, if there are crystals embedded in the stage, they will attack us if we are in the same square, or they will grant us some benefit, depending on their color. It could be a life or a shield.

If you enjoy strategy games, you will enjoy this combat system because it allows you to choose how to fight, such as sending X characters to the front while the magician stays in the back, or dividing the team into sections and assigning each section to a zone.

We will have to fight hordes of enemies on occasion, who are divided into batches or phases. Another way to keep the fight from becoming boring is to try something new.

Combat, Weapons, and Puzzles

We’ll learn combat skills by collecting crystals, which we can obtain either by exploring, purchasing, or as a reward for completing missions. Each crystal has a unique color, as well as unique abilities and bonuses. Each weapon has its skill tree, and we’ll pick the best one for us.

We’ll get a bigger bonus if that route has more crystals because we’ll be able to insert more crystals. The ability, magic, or bonus will be lost once those crystals are removed from the weapon. However, they can be re-used. Later on, our heroes will be able to use their Ultis, which are powerful attacks that will become available once the meter is filled based on the damage they deal and take in battle.

Each weapon has a maximum level; at the start (at weapon level 1), the entire skill tree will be blocked; as we gain experience, both our character and his equipped weapon will level up, and the path to embed the crystals will become available.

As the story progresses, we will encounter puzzles that we must solve to receive fantastic rewards. These puzzles are solved in the same way that they are fought, by using the hexagonal map and imagining how to open the door at the end, either by activating switches or following different patterns.

All of this must be done while under the duress of “time is running out” or avoiding a halt. If you don’t finish the level within those time limits, you’ll have to restart from the beginning.

Final Thoughts

Even though various bugs and issues are still there, it wouldn’t hinder people from enjoying Edge of Eternity. It evokes the beginnings of the Final Fantasy saga, a classic video game franchise.

The story, the characters, the setting, the Nekaroo, the music, the fact that the composer is none other than Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger and Xenoblade Chronicles), and the combat system are all strong points. All of this is fascinating, and you can see how much thought and care has gone into each of the game’s sections.

The minor issues are being addressed in small increments. The game is still receiving updates, which is fantastic because it shows that they want the game to reach as many people as possible. Edge of Eternity (Full Version) is available on Steam for $25.49 (currently at a 15% discount), and it is expected to be released on consoles by the end of the year.

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