Pokemon GO: How To Get All Eeveelutions

All players may now introduce each evolution of Eevee to his/her portfolio of Pokémon cheers to the latest introduction of Sylveon to Pokémon GO. Although varying titles have had various methods for obtaining every one of the Eeveelutions, Pokémon GO has a few fairly simple tricks to guarantee you obtain the Eeveelutions you desire!

Eeveelution Trick

Rainer Vaporeon
Pyro Flareon
Sakura Espeon
Sparky Jolteon
Linnea Leafeon
Tamao Umbreon
Rea Glaceon
Kira Sylveon

How To Use the Nickname Evolution

  • You can ensure that you get a particular eeveelution by using the nickname method. To begin, give your Eevee a right designation. “Tamao,” for instance, guarantees that Eevee will transform into Umbreon once it evolves.
  • As mentioned above, each evolution of Eevee has a codename that influences what type it will evolve into. This only works once per evolution, so if you brand one Eevee “Tamao,” you won’t be able to designate another Umbreon the same way.

Umbreon and Espeon

  • Setting up Eevee as your Buddy and walking with it for 10KM will also secure an Umbreon. This raises the odds of your Eevee evolving into either Umbreon or Espeon.
  • If you would like your Eevee to transform into Umbreon, keep in mind it evolves at night rather than throughout the day. This technique will not work unless the Eevee remains your Buddy after it evolves.
  • These are the only ways to ensure you get an Umbreon. If you don’t, your Eevee will randomly transform into one of those Eeveelutions mentioned earlier.

  • Although Umbreon isn’t the most powerful of the Eeveelutions, if you want to “catch them all,” this would be the path to go.
  • Additionally, to get an Espeon transformation, apart from applying the nickname technique, activate the Eevee as your companion and walk 10 kilometers, making sure it evolves throughout the day (instead of at nighttime).

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