Valheim: All Potions and Meads Guide

In this extremely difficult survival exploration game, Valheim Potions and Meads can be the crunch point. This article will explain what they are, why you might need them, as well as how to create them!

What are they?

  • Potions (also regarded as Meads) are components that boost your stats or enable you to withstand certain types of elemental injury. They come in handy in a wide range of battle and exploration situations.
  • Meads would also demand a significant quantity of honey, so get your beehive established as soon as possible!
  • Search for beehives to demolish and a Queen Bee to obtain, which will allow you to construct a Beehive inside your barracks.

How To Make

  • Every Potion or Mead will have its own set of products for crafting. Simply put, you can’t begin without the necessary materials!
  • Some ingredients are relatively easy to come by; conversely, other recipes can be more difficult to come by.
  • You’ll create your Mead Base with the Cauldron, which is the first step in creating Potions and Mead. The Cauldron, like many other crafting stations, produces items almost immediately.
  • Place your Mead Base in the Fermenter. The entire procedure takes two days.
  • If you intend on making Mead on a routine basis, it’s a smart move to possess numerous Fermenters!
Fire Resistance Barley Wine Barley (10x)
Cloudberries (10x)
Take less damage from Fire
Frost Resistance Mead Honey (10x)
Thistle (5x)
Bloodbag (2x)
Greydwarf Eye (1x)
Take less damage from Freezing
Poison Resistance Mead Honey (10x)
Coal (5x)
Thistle (2x)
Neck Tail (1x)
Take less damage from Poison
Minor Stamina Honey (10x)
Raspberries (10x)
Yellow Mushrooms (10x)
Restores 80 Stamina
Medium Stamina Honey (10x)
Cloudberries (10x)
Yellow Mushrooms (10x)
Restores 160 Stamina
Minor Healing Honey (10x)
Blueberries (10x)
Raspberries (10x)
Dandelion (1x)
Restores 50 HP for 10 seconds
Medium Healing Honey (10x)
Bloodbag (4x)
Raspberries (10x)
Dandelion (1x)
Restores 75 HP for 10 seconds

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