Echoing Conches Shell Locations – Genshin Impact

You’ll be eligible to retrieve echoing conches after you’ve accessed the Golden Apple Archipelago by finishing the new Midsummer Island mission sequence from Genshin Impact. These are necessary for Barbara’s unlockable summer outfit during the Echoing Tides episode.

Klee, Traveler, Barbara, and Jean are taken onto a tiny island at the end of the primary storyline and will have to pursue a path of buoys to find waypoints. You’ll recognize a few shell symbols on your minimap as you activate the various waypoints. The areas of the first 5 echoing conches are below.

Five echoing conches were discovered on the first day of the episode. Their approximate position can be seen on the map above. Pudding Isle has two, Twinning Isle has two, and Broken Isle has one.

Pudding Isle #1

  • Because it’s near the waypoint on Pudding Isle, this conch is simple to locate. Simply turn your back to the northeast and you’ll find a deserted barracks.
  • As you approach the barracks, take the left-hand path behind the refuge. The conch is on a rock near some crates.

Pudding Isle #2

  • To go at this conch, wander back from the barracks in the path of the waypoint, which is to the south-east. Continue walking until you approach the cliff’s margin, where a small island will appear across from you.
  • Do not simply fall down because there is a bit of a gap between the islands! Before jumping into the center of the location, you’ll have to glide forward.
  • As you arrive, the conch is on a huge flat stone to your right. Behind it, there’s a damaged enclosure.

Twinning Isle #1

  • Flip around and go to a tree just further ahead a stack of lumber beside the waypoint to have this conch.
  • Glance over the boundary of the gap between the pole and the tree to notice some huge cliffs.
  • You’ll have to drop down a bunch of cliffs to reach the conch, which is just below the tree. It’s perched atop a rock close to some shrubs, just to the opposite side of the tree.

Twinning Isle #2

  • Turn around and head southwest after gathering the previous conch. Across the water, you’ll notice a big island.
  • Although the gap appears to be large, it is actually quite small. After you’ve taken off, make your way to the peak on the left side. A set of trees and wood is on top of this cliff. The conch is on a stone within it.

Broken Isle

  • The Broken Isle itself does not have this conch. To activate your waverider, you should therefore travel to the Broken Isle compass point.
  • After boarding, travel north-east until you recognize a tall island. After climbing the cliff, you’ll come across a fire puzzle that requires you to light four torches in order to open a chest on the highest cliff.

  • Three of the lanterns are on or near the boundary of the highest cliff’s flat top. After you’ve lit these, go over the bottom portion on the island’s left.
  • The torch should be in front of you when you drop down, and the conch will be near the tree roots on top of the slab of rock.

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