Just Die Already – Review

Our Rating: 6.5/10

Just Die Already begins with a fantastic poster announcing that it was created by the same team that brought us Goat Simulator, a hit game based on a goat. DoubleMoose is now attempting to replicate the model that has brought him so much joy. Substituting old men who have no fear of death and are eager to mess it up for the funny animal.

Towards a flip-flop and sock vacation

We’ll arrive at the outside world and the true scene of this sandbox after a few minutes of the tutorial. Our primary goal is to get the caretaker of our resistance of elders out of their heads. We are given a diary of “sadistic desires” to fill out and receive our ticket to a golden retirement in a luxurious all-inclusive resort.

But, before any of this can happen, we must overcome obstacles such as urinating in public, dismembering police officers, feeding piranhas bystanders, and drinking alcoholic beverages until they explode (literally).

The fine line where absurd humor falters

These are titles that are designed to be streamed, intending to amuse you with absurd humor. Because of our character’s extreme weakness, a dash of gore is included in this case. Any slight blow to our anatomy will cause visible damage as we walk through the city trying to pull old man pranks.

Furthermore, these involuntary dismemberments will not end our lives. Still allowing us to continue to roll around the stage without a head or limbs while leaving a trail of blood in the streets.

Don’t worry, the cartoon style of the entire title will soothe your conscience. However, it won’t be enough to make you laugh out loud at the prospect of playing with an elderly man who is missing his head.

It isn’t the first game to deal with absurd humor; the GOAT, as previously mentioned, owes its success to that well-managed touch of hooligan humor. Unfortunately, this game fails to achieve the same effect and instead relies on easy black humor jokes. Such as an accidental explosion that renders you legless. Or a challenge that requires you to fart in front of any NPC.

Control is part of the fun

Both in the displacement and the accidents that your poor character suffers. The various parts of the old man’s bodywork independently. This is how we will grab and use objects we will use either of the two control triggers. Each of which is for an arm.

Fortunately, this does not occur with the lower limbs, making it easy to move around the stage. You can also jump and roll like a croquette, which is particularly useful when your arms or legs are missing.

Furthermore, we have a direct resuscitation button. This allows us to revive without having to bleed to death. We can do so, at any time from the strategically placed containers throughout the map.

Explore and discover

Although we keep a journal in which we track the progress of our fulfilled wishes, the process happens naturally as you let your imagination run wild on stage. The goal of the game is for you to do whatever you want at all times. While also discovering the map and completing challenges based on your imagination. As soon as you enter a new area of the stage, it unlocks, presenting new challenges to each of them.

We receive tickets or objects for completing each challenge or wish. The tickets can be exchanged for food or weapons in vending machines, depending on their color. Many of the challenges will require you to purchase machine objects or drinks, as you will be using them frequently.

Graphically fair

A simple, low-detail set of designs is enhanced by a vibrant color scheme. On a technical level, saw teeth or polygons can easily be found in the characters’ clothing or hairstyles.

The best models, of course, are our characters, from which we can select four elderly, two female, and two male characters, all of whom differ only in appearance and have no playable differences.

Despite some major issues on other platforms, the title runs smoothly, without popping. It has a good drawing distance on the PS4 version that I was able to test. Occasionally, graphical errors can be seen, particularly about the arms and their independent movement.

Good sound effects

The ambient sounds, weapons, and so on are all covered by the cartoon style of the title in this case, without any special sounds or anything like that. There are no voices, but onomatopoeias accompany the dialog boxes, but this isn’t particularly significant because the stories are anecdotal.

Much better in company

One of the game’s most compelling features is Just Die Already Online Multiplayer mode. Unless you’re streaming and enjoying it in the company of your followers, the solo game becomes boring after a while. Just Die Already has an online mode where we can keep checking the wish lists that we started in solo mode and play with friends or strangers.

It takes less than 20 seconds to find a game thanks to cross-play, though the competitive or cooperative behavior of the other players will be determined by the others. If you play with strangers, the game will most likely turn into a pitched battle due to a large number of weapons available and the lack of a penalty for dying.

Playing with friends will earn you a lot more money, and Just Die Already makes it very easy for you by providing you with a code that allows any friend who has the game to join your game. Also, because there is no internal communication when playing with strangers, you’ll have to use Discord if you’re on different platforms.

Final Thoughts

Just Die Already requires a clear understanding of the type of game you are playing, as well as a fondness for absurd and youthful humor. Despite the gore, it’s a game geared toward a younger demographic and best enjoyed with friends. It’s a title that’s pure chaos, with no clear common thread and a focus on quick, shallow games.

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