Sea Ganoderma Farm Locations – Genshin Impact

The Golden Apple Archipelago has a lot of Sea Ganoderma. Such are pale blue plantations that grow anywhere around the water. They have 2 to 3 nodes that are close together in many instances.

The only issue you’ll probably run into is that several of the below spots are a long way from any fast-travel point. As a result, if you don’t want to collect it all on the map, you could just concentrate on the teleporters’ vicinity.

You’ll have to travel to the Golden Apple Archipelago to gather every one of the Sea Ganoderma in the game. They are strewn about the islands.

Twinning Isle

The Twinning Isles are the best starting point for Sea Ganoderma in the Golden Apple Archipelago because it’s abundant.

Broken Isle

Pudding Isle

Minacious Isle

Sea Ganoderma

“A plant species that only grows in certain regions and islands of the ocean. Though it looks like a fungus of some sort, it actually comes from a substance secreted by certain soft-bodied organisms.” This plant can only be found in specific oceanic areas and islands. It is caused by a fungus-like material emitted by some soft-bodied lifeforms.

  • Sea Ganoderma, as with all crops in Genshin Impact, will respawn 2 days after being picked. Allowing players to establish a fairly consistent farming sequence until the area is removed from the game.
  • Sea Ganoderma should be used as an Ascension material for Kazuha, so anyone interested in obtaining her should farm a lot of it.
  • Keep in mind that if you wish to enhance Kazuha to level 90, you’ll need 168 Sea Ganoderma.

  • You will get about 57 pieces of these if you finish farming all of the locations.
  • Conversely, you will probably get 40 to 50 if you dismiss a few of the spots.
  • And of course, if you’d like to take a look at the map more closely, CLICK HERE to access Genshin’s Official Interactive Map.

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