A Dish Beyond Mortal Ken Guide – Genshin Impact

Even though the majority of the latest features in Patch 1.6 are concentrated in the newly introduced Golden Apple Archipelago, there are a few extras to the world of Teyvat that gamers would not want to overlook. The intriguingly dubbed “A Dish Beyond Mortal Ken,” which Genshin gamers can accomplish to earn a highly useful recipe, is among the latest world missions introduced to the game.

A Dish Beyond Mortal Ken

Gamers should make the trip to the Wangshu Inn waypoint in central Liyue to obtain the mission. Descend two sets of staircases from the waypoint and talk with Smiley Yanxiao.

Smiley will tell you that he is having trouble coming up with a new recipe concept that will bring in new customers to the lodge. You will be appointed with helping Smiley in developing an innovative recipe after a short chat.

  • The very first goal for gamers is to get (1x) Bird Egg and (1x) Snapdragon Flower.
  • You could observe Snapdragon Flowers in the northern portion of Jueyun Karst.
  • You could see Bird Eggs on roofs of many of the residences in Springvale if you do not already have them in your inventory.

  • Return to Smiley after securing both of the recipes and submitting the items. The next assignment is to chop the meat for the recipe. Since there is no cue to chop the meat in the space, this task can be a little perplexing.
  • You can easily strike the meat on the table with any melee strike. While the game might not indicate that attacking the meat accomplishes anything, keep doing it!

  • After that, players must fill the pot with pure water. You can finish this, predictably, by using any Hydro-elemental character’s burst or skills on the pot in the cooking area.
  • After you fill the pot water, you must now light the cooker. Use any Pyro-elemental character’s burst or skills.
  • REWARD: Chicken Tofu Pudding Recipe

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