Genshin Impact: Luhua Landscape Quest Guide

Genshin Impact is captivating, and there’s even a task to honor it. It’s named Luhua Landscape, and it’s inspired by the artist’s work. This mission is divided into two parts, like countless others in the game. Vermeer can be observed south of Luhua Pool, where he will give you the mission.

The Luhua Landscape mission can be accomplished entirely around the Luhua Pool region and is fairly simple for a large reward, and even more so if you’re looking to level up your Adventure Rank quickly. Because of the opponents, you’ll encounter along the way, you’ll probably want your group to be at least Lv. 25 before beginning.

Find Vermeer’s Materials

  • It all begins with a pursuit of Vermeer’s painting materials. These only appear in two spots on the map, refer to the map below.
  • To the west, at the Stone Ruins’ corner, you’ll find painting materials.
  • Those to the east are tucked away in bushes near a stack of grimoires. These two spots have the benefit of being close to teleportation sites.
  • Come back to Vermeer once you’ve gathered all of these materials.

Find the Strange Rock

  • Vermeer will then instruct you to investigate a strange rock. Go north to the body of water and search for a stone with the same form of gleam as the paintbrushes.
  • Return to Vermeer when you’ve discovered the earthworks and identified the stone.

Climb the Statues

  • The remainder of the mission is fairly straightforward. You must climb every one of the huge statues near the NPC and then engage with the stone colossi’s heads.
  • After that, a battle will begin: Keep in mind that this confrontation is timed (90 seconds), so bring your strongest characters!
  • All that’s left to do now is visit the underground and retrieve your prize once the opponents have been beaten.

Rewards: (1x) Luxurious Chest, (2x) Exquisite Chest, (3x) Cor Lapis

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