Best Kazuha Build – Genshin Impact

Do you want to know which Kazuha build is the most effective? He is an Anemo Sword wielder from the Inazuma region, and he is the upcoming Genshin character to arrive in Patch 1.6.  So long as you have the right builds, his task in the group will almost certainly be as a sub-DPS. He’s capable of dealing massive amounts of damage in short bursts.

Ketsuseki Haku

Kazuha’s skills have long been recognized, but his Ketsuseki Haku constellation is particularly intriguing. After using either his elemental abilities or elemental burst assaults, it grants Kazuha an Anemo Infusion for 5 seconds. As well as stacking his normal, charged, and both plunging strikes by 0.2 percent for each point in elemental mastery.

You’ll basically activate elemental reactions on a regular basis. Additionally, your damage will optimize as you spend points in elemental mastery. So he’ll quickly become a force to be reckoned with!

Pure DPS Kazuha Build

Weapon Choice
  • The Black Sword is the best sword choice if you want to build Kazuha as a sheer DPS. When a normal / charged attack strikes with a critical hit, it enhances the damage by 30% while also replenishing HP equal to 80% of his ATK.

  • Although the factor only occurs once every 5 seconds, it allows him to stay in the battle for longer durations. The Harbinger of Dawn is also a good choice for a DPS Kazuha. It boosts his crit rate by 14% when his HP is over 90%.

  • The artifacts are a mix of the Viridescent Venerer 2-set. This gives Kazuha a 15% Anemo DMG bonus. Plus, the Gladiator’s Finale 2-set, which gives her an extra 18% ATK.
  • Concentrate on providing items that boost his Anemo DMG Bonus and Crit DMG. However, items that boost his ATK% and HP are also welcome.

Elemental Mastery Kazuha Build

Weapon Choice
  • Kazuha is the standard-bearer for a very dangerous mix of weapons and artifacts. Including massive buffs arriving for elemental reactions and elemental mastery in 1.6. We strongly advise Freedom-Sworn when using the Ketsuseki Haku constellation.

  • It has a supplementary effect of elemental mastery, which enhances DMG by 10% and guarantees a Sigil of Rebellion when the weapon activates elemental reactions. When two sigils are absorbed, they grant a buff to all surrounding party members, increasing normal, charged, and plunging ATK DMG by 10% and increasing attack by 20%.
  • Aside from that, the Iron Sting is one of Kazuha’s better free weapons, as it increases Elemental DMG and has elemental mastery as a supplementary stat.
  • We believe the Skyward Blade might be beneficial for energy recharge in 5★ weapons, while the Alley Flash scales elemental mastery in 4★ weapons. Sacrificial Sword or Festering Desire are also great picks.
  • The Viridescent Venerer four-set is the ideal artifact for this build, as it boosts Swirl DMG by 60% and reduces the opponent’s Elemental RES to the element infused in the Swirl by 40% in 10 seconds.
  • You could also combine the Viridescent Venerer 2-set with either the Wanderer’s Troupe 2-set or the Noblesse Oblige 2-set to gain an additional 80 points in elemental mastery or a 20% increase in Elemental Burst DMG.
  • Aim to increase your elemental mastery as much as possible for individual items, though he won’t do much damage unless you use elemental reactions.

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