Where To Get Cuihua Wood – Genshin Impact

The seven varying kinds of wood that could be discovered all across Genshin Impact’s realm are the most prevalent building materials used to fabricate structures. We’ll discuss where to find Cuihua Wood and what it’s used for in this guide.

Housing System

The game’s housing system is among the game’s latest features.  Genshin players can use this system to create their own realms by acquiring blueprints from the realm depot shop.

Gamers must gather the components required to construct the structure using the blueprints. Although some lower-level components might only involve a few crafting items, bigger structures, such as buildings and fountains, will require much more.

Cuihua Wood

Although most of the wood types are readily available, a few, such as Cuihua Wood, are much harder to come by. This wood type can be harvested in three different areas around the map.

Specifically, head over to Dadaupa Gorge, outside Mondstadt City, and Starfell Lake. They have the most Cuihua Wood. Additionally, CLICK HERE to access the official interactive map!

When it comes to farming wood, gamers must also be able to tell the distinction among each tree type. Cuihua trees, fortunately, are among the easiest to spot in the game thanks to the Sunsettia fruits that hang from its branches.

What is it for?

  • Cuihua Wood is needed to make a few of the companion blueprints in the newly released Realm Dispatch update. If you would like to obtain the numerous primogem prizes obtainable from the latest update, you will have to farm the restricted areas of the trees regularly.
  • When farming Cuihua Wood, it’s essential to bear in mind how long the material takes to respawn. Unlike many other overworld materials, including white iron chunks, wood collected from trees has a unique cooldown. After every 10 additional trees hacked down, the wood will regenerate.

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