Genshin Impact: Sacred Sakura Tree – All Details

The Sacred Sakura Tree, according to Genshin Impact leaks, will be in the Inazuma region!

The two primary regions, Mondstadt and Liyue, are not hard to navigate. In any case, gamers can assume Inazuma to get its own set of challenges about the in-game backstory and information. Now that the Sacred Sakura Tree has been out, gamers have a clearer sense of how Inazuma will function and how they would profit from its complexities.

Sacred Sakura Tree

According to speculations, as you move forward through the new progression system, the Sacred Tree in Inazuma may offer precious rewards. In order to obtain the rewards, travelers must gather Electro sigils in Inazuma and offer those to the tree, raising their Sacred Sakura’s Favor.

Gamers should be able to rank up the Sacred Tree to level 50, according to reports. Additionally, the player must have to give the tree 25 Electro Sigils at the end of every level.

Sakura’s Favor

Accordingly, the Sacred Tree should grant each user 30 free wishes maximum. Intertwined Fate, which would be used in the event banners, will grant 20 of these wishes. The remaining ten will be Acquaint Fate, which will be for the regular banner.

Fresh talent books, as depicted by the golden scroll symbols in Project Celestia’s picture, appear to be part of the rewards. These items will most likely be available on a frequent basis for new domains in Inazuma.

Rare Rewards:
  • Five Fragile Resin
  • Five Crowns of Insight
  • One of each weapon billet
  • Four Shrine of Depth keys
  • Two Dream Solvents

Aside from the incentives, gamers will have plenty of factors to progress through the new tree. The Sacred Tree, as per rumors, will be in charge of search in the Inazuma region.

The players’ Electrograna improves as the tree progresses. According to leaks, the Electrograna will guard players from Inazuma’s environmental damage while also allowing them to wander to more parts of the region.

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