Harpastum Bombs Loaded Challenge Guide (Genshin Impact)

Harpastum Bombs Loaded… Blow ‘Em Away! Upon finishing Act 4 of the Midsummer Island Adventure, you’ll be able to access this task. Engage with the island’s crafting station to produce a few bombs now that the forcefield has been removed. So here’s how to complete the Harpastum Bombs Loaded mission!

Midsummer Island Adventure Act 4

From 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., take a trip to the island with the vast forcefield to begin Act 4 of the Midsummer Island Adventure. You can learn more about the new “Harpastum Bombs Loaded, Blow ‘Em Away” task by visiting nearby crafting station.

Bomb Recipe

Straight Shooter Flaming Flower Stamen (1x)
Frog (1x)
Deals massive Pyro DMG to one target.
Hot Pod Flaming Flower Stamen (1x)
Lizard Tail (1x)
Deals small Pyro DMG to an AOE.
Floaty Splody Flaming Flower Stamen (1x)
Luminescent Spine (1x)
Deals high Pyro DMG to an AOE.


  • Clear out 3/6/9 monster camps.
  • Use Straight Shooter to beat 2x enemies twice in a single challenge.
  • Next, Use Floaty Splodies to beat 3x enemies twice in a single challenge.
  • Use Floaty Splodies to beat 3x enemies four times in a single challenge.

Mission Guide + Tips

  • Simply navigate to the Dodoco-marked locations. A few hilichurls can be found there. Equip your preferred Harpastum Bomb, push “Z,” then “E” to aim the bombs.
  • Witness it all explode when you toss it at the mobs. Opponents may spawn in waves in other instances, allowing you to score multiple kills.
  • While fighting hostiles, access your inventory if you wouldn’t want to worry for the Harpastum Bomb’s cooldown to wrap up. While the game is halted, time passes and you are once again free to toss explosives!
  • Every accomplishment will reward you with 300x Mini Harpastum, which can be used in the event store. You’ll be eligible to get the Dodoco Tales catalyst weapon as well as its refinement materials.

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