ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights – Review

Our Rating: 8.5/10

ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights starts with Lily, a young woman who awakes alone in a dark room. She has no recollection of her circumstances before her awakening. She will be accompanied by a voice, which is now the wandering spirit who was once trapped inside an armor. This wandering spirit will help her learn about her past.

We arrive in Finisterra, a kingdom afflicted by the Deadly Flood – a phenomenon that turns ordinary rain into impure water, transforming those who are affected into the living dead. They were a shell of their former selves, now consumed by rage and disfigured to the point of being unrecognizable.

Giant larvae, goblins, forest wizards, nightmare amphibians, and much more can be found in this adventure. Our path is littered with dangers posed by these creatures, and defeating them and progressing will be our only option.

The sword and impurity

The game is presented to us as an action title with 2D platforms. Additionally, it has a carefully crafted visual section that emphasizes the illustrations. Lily’s delicate figure and her companion’s powerful appearance conjure up images of a story. However, it doesn’t take long to realize that this is all a ruse.

The lovely illustrations conceal a bleak world full of terrors and nightmares. One that is just as well-cared for as any other. The game is full of monsters that will attack us from unexpected places, scenes awash in death and misery, and stories that will keep us awake at night.

Ender Lilies is like fusing a Metroidvania adventure with the fervent action and terror of games like Bloodborne. All while maintaining an aesthetic that perfectly reflects the studio’s goals.

As we progress on our journey, we will gain access to new skills that will allow us to explore new areas in terrain we have already traversed. In turn, we’ll fight with a simple control scheme that emphasizes our ability to react quickly enough to avoid the enemy.

Hidden pains

There are a lot of collectibles in this game, just like in previous Souls games. Letters, brochures, newspapers, newspapers, and more newspapers. All of this will influence the mystery that surrounds Finisterra and its inhabitants. As well as the various crises that occurred as a result of the Deadly Flood. This includes the most hidden and true feelings of those who have passed away.

These stories will lead to a fight once we have uncovered some of the vital information. The boss in question will force us to use all of the mechanics available to defeat him in combat and purify him so that he can find peace.

This purification isn’t just a plot device. Those who have been purified will share their strength with us. We will gain the powers of the defeated to use in and out of combat. As a result, in a large map with many forks and secrets, we will have the option of moving forward or going back. Eventually discovering previously undiscovered paths.

Great attention to details

We’ll find benches, beds, and other structures throughout the stages where we can take a break. You can enjoy the brilliant scenery that surrounds these quiet areas during these moments of relaxation. You can see tree reflections with vibrant colors in the water at our feet, old houses where the residents’ peace surrounds it, and even altars.

The attention to detail will entice us to revisit each scene after we’ve cleared it of enemies. Appreciating the scenes that make up such landscapes. Cities are strewn with rotting bodies, flies buzzing around them, battle relics, and more.

The banks will also assist us in managing our team, both offensively and logistically. We can control up to six spirits at once, three per set. The rest of the spirits will have limited uses, except for the black knight, our first spirit. That is, once the counter next to its icons reaches zero, we will be unable to use them until we return to a bank.


The same is true of our miracles, which are our primary means of regaining vitality. With a maximum of three, we won’t be able to recover them until we take a break. Alternatively, let us seek red and white flowers, which will return our abilities and miracles, respectively.

Finally, depending on what we have installed, the accessories will provide us with a variety of specific improvements. There is something for everyone from increased damage in specific circumstances to increased use of our abilities or the vitality restored by miracles. It has a solid array of features that make it an action RPG, in addition to the level system.

The Future of Ender Lilies: Quietus of Knights

ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights is a Metroidvania-style adventure with an evolving combat system that allows us to experiment with our unique combinations. It balances the scales so that we can enjoy life without the frustration of harsh penalties when dying or easy paths to take.

Of course, not everything is gold, as certain interactions between the platform and the enemies can cause additional problems. Furthermore, certain texts cause difficulties when read in certain languages, making comprehension impossible.

From the first hour, the sinister narrative builds the story and the world of Ender Lilies captivates. As does the gameplay and the desire to unlock new abilities and explore new areas.

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