How To Grow Plants (Serenitea Pot)

Are you interested in learning how to grow plants in Genshin Impact? MiHoYo revealed that a gardening mechanic was presumed when the Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot was first released, but it didn’t make it into the first release of the gamer housing system.

Although nothing has been announced officially, credible Genshin Impact dataminers have discovered some details about the Genshin Impact landscaping system – as per the documents, this component will be included in the 1.7/2.0 Patch!

Gardening Mechanics

You’ll need a seed dispensary device from Madame Ping to begin planting, and dataminers have uncovered that you’ll need to reach level three reputation in Inazuma before obtaining your first seedlings.

Garden Types




Croplands must be purchased from Realm Depot in order to cultivate seedlings and plants. As per leaks mentioned on Baidu and interpreted on the KQM discord, all of these gardens can sprout four plants, each of which takes three days to develop.


We have a catalog of seedlings that we may be able to cultivate in our lawn thanks to the datamined details available at Honey Hunter World. Of course, these are susceptible to alteration.

Silk Flower Seed

Sweet Flower Seed

Cecilia Seed

Glade Lily Seed

Windwheel Aster Seed

Qingxin Seed

Violetgrass Seed

Valberry Seed

Small Lamp Grass Seed

Jueyun Chili Seed

Carrot Seed

Radish Seed

Mint Seed

Mushroom Spore

Naku Weed Seed

Horsetail Seed

Snapdragon Seed

Lotus Seed

Calla Lily Seed

Seagrass Seed

Sea Ganoderma Cutting

Housing System

MiHoYo has introduced a special housing system to the game as a new component of Genshin Impact Patch 1.5. This includes all of the standard features, such as styling your room, acquiring furnishings, and actually making things for your home. Those, on the other hand, do not rely solely on available resources. With the latest leaks, now we can know how to grow plants!

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