Super Magbot – Review

Our Rating: 8/10

Super Magbot, created by two brothers, is a difficult platform game that requires the player to analyze the next steps in real-time. With short stages and a suitably agile respawn, it may not be perfectly timed, but it certainly keeps platform fans on the edge of their seats.

The independent game received support from the producer Team17 to be published, and it finally reached Switch and PCs! With seven more members to assist primarily in the game’s sound, the independent game received support from the producer Team17 to be published, and it finally reached Switch and PCs! Astral Pixel, a Spanish studio, has released its first project, which has been in the works since 2019.

Super Magbot

The game begins with a brief description of a major problem plaguing Magnetia’s galaxy. A massive being intends to annihilate all of the galaxy’s planets, annihilating their inhabitants without hesitation. Magbot is then dispatched to gather key components from various planets throughout the solar system to build up enough strength to face the villain.

The game has an enormous amount of content. Consisting of four main worlds, each with 27 levels, and will require mastery and a lot of patience from players. Unlike most games in this genre, Super Magbot lacks a jump button. This forces players to analyze the various platforms of the scenarios to complete each stage. When you combine this with intense gameplay and short stages, you get a Super Meat Boy-style experience. Additionally, the game adds more mechanics to the campaign as you progress.

Live, Die, Repeat

Walking left and right and activating blue and red magnetism are the only ways to progress in the game. Colors represent both poles, and opposites attract and equal repel, as one might expect. Players must aim the protagonist’s weapon in the desired direction. Then press the magnet button, and progress through the levels in this way. However, the complexity of the commands exponentially increases after the first phases.

Several magnetic platform variations are presented throughout the game, each of which reacts differently to the Magbot weapon. The game doesn’t tell players how to interact with these new obstacles. But, given the game’s frantic pace, it’s probably not a bad idea to use the trial and error method.

More and more elements are in the adventure. Making the main campaign a huge challenge to overcome on its own. Players can skip up to three stages in each of the four main worlds, allowing them to avoid the most difficult levels.

In addition to the standard campaign stages, completing worlds unlocks alternate versions of planets. They condense the game’s most difficult tests, ensuring a lot of fun for the more hardcore players who enjoy this type of challenge. You gain access to yet another secret world by completing all of these secondary challenges, which rewards the most dedicated.

Nostalgia in graphics and music!

The game has a retro aesthetic, but with details and has a distinct charm thanks to 16-bit art. Each world has its setting, which ranges from dense forests to volcanoes and even a futuristic city. Despite this, the graphics are in sync and it’s easy to accept the surreal landscapes depicted in the story. Although the levels are mostly static platforms, light and particle effects give these charismatic and nostalgic visuals a modern twist.

In addition, the game includes an electronic soundtrack. At times, it resembles Daft Punk rhythms and perfectly complements the game’s aesthetics. The music continues to play even after death, and each beat adds to the immersion. The boss battles, which necessitate even more mental agility, feature frantic music that transports players back to their childhood games.

Intense but fun

Super Magbot is an excellent example of a fantastic platformer. The game constantly introduces new mechanics and has fast-paced gameplay that forces players to restart levels multiple times but does not penalize them for it. The game’s soundtrack and art complete the package, resulting in a game that expands the experience of several other games in the genre to the point where it becomes unique.

Many Super Meat Boy fans should enjoy the game, owing to the high level of difficulty. As a result, even during the main campaign, fans of more casual games may be frustrated by the presence of large challenges. Furthermore, some players may be disappointed by the narrative, which serves only to connect the various worlds. But, in the end, the game is nostalgic, and it represents a strong start for the Astral Pixel team in the gaming industry.

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