Distance Voyage Event (Genshin Impact)

A new web event, Distance Voyage Event, is being held to mark the beginning of its summer content. The focus of this event is on the latest Genshin Impact character Kazuha, and gamers will have the chance to assist him in the construction of a boat!

How To Join
  • Gamers must be Adventure Rank 10 or higher to participate in the Distant Voyage Web Event, which runs until the 3rd of July, 2021.
  • You’ll also have to be able to access miHoYo’s webpage through a browser; Genshin Impact’s Web Events, such as the Wanmin Welcome episode from March, are always held on the website rather than in-game.
  • Chrome appears to be the best option for this method. Gamers may have difficulty using the site on a mobile device, so if at all possible, they should use a computer.

Distance Voyage Event

Gamers may use any of their characters for this event after logging into their miHoYo profile, as long as they are over the Rank level prerequisite. A small cartoony image with a chibi version of Kazuha staring out over the ocean will replace the screen. Proceed to the web event by clicking anywhere on the window.

After that, gamers will be taken to a crafting window. They’ll have to build Kazuha’s boat in nine parts, each taking an hour to accomplish in real-time. Simply click the blue “Craft” toggle under the first portion, the hull, and wait for the timer to expire before moving on to the next.





Port Side

Starboard Side

Oar One

Oar Two

Cabin Parts


Event Rewards

Genshin Impact gamers who finish all nine parts of Kazuha’s boat in less than nine hours will receive an exclusive mobile screensaver for their phone. The lovely background showcases some new Kazuha illustrations in stunning reds and blacks.

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