Genshin Impact: Where To Find Nameless Treasures

Gamers will find many mysteries in Genshin Impact, and discovering three Nameless Treasures is among the most gratifying secret missions.

Gamers must search three different locations in southwest Liyue to finish this mission and receive valuable prizes. You will need to solve a few brain teasers and take down some adversaries along the way, just like they did in previous quests.

Lingju Pass

In Lingju Pass, gamers must conquer some treasure hoarders who have kidnapped an NPC in order to acquire the Nameless Treasure. After that, the Traveler must open a neighboring chest in order to receive a treasure key.

The NPC will direct you to the location of the Nameless Treasure. Gamers will go to the large tree in the southern portion of Lingju Pass and dig around it, as instructed.

Qingxu Pool

In Qingxu Pool, there is yet another Nameless Treasure. Gamers would need a Geo character in their group to acquire it. For players who don’t have any other options, Geo Traveler can suffice.

A stone tablet can be discovered in Qingxu Pool. You must then locate and trigger five seals using the Geo element after reviewing it. The five seals are represented by inscriptions of the Geo symbol, which are found throughout Qingxu Pool’s buildings.

A chest will appear near the tablet once all of the seals have been triggered. One of the three Nameless Treasures can be found inside.

Dunyu Ruins

The last Nameless Treasure in Dunyu Ruins is the most challenging to find. Gamers will need to have a Geo and a Pyro character on their squad once again.

Because the treasure is tucked away underwater, players must figure out how to lower the water level. A Pyro character, such as Amber, must light four torches in order to gain entry to a Geo pillar. The water must then be removed by a Geo character activating the pillar.

After the water has been discharged, the Traveler must contend with a forcefield that surrounds the chest. To remove the forcefield, players must pursue three Seelies in the location to their respective homes.

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