Wildermyth – Review

Our Rating: 9/10

Wildermyth is a turn-based RPG with numerous narratives, each with its cast of protagonists battling darkness. As every story progresses, gamers are presented to a cast of eccentric characters who join an adventuring squad on a mission to combat unspeakable evils that are slowly creeping across the territory.

Gamers determine where their protagonists go. Possibly dividing them into separate groups to take on various activities and objectives at the same time. Whether or not to spend time strengthening territories or constructing river bridges to make the journey more convenient. They must also make individual choices for each protagonist that will alter their paths and likelihood of succeeding.

Subplots and Choices

They’ll also create subplot choices that will influence how confrontation plays out, such as stat bonuses. When the battle begins, a grid is triggered at random and surrounded by papercraft protagonists and adversaries.

Gamers take turns attacking the opponent. You will tactically position characters to strike, protect, or assist other protagonists with a variety of weapons and skills. The most notable of which is the possibility to “interfuse” with items and integrate them.

This ultimately triggers them to burn up, explode into flying debris, or even entangle and entrap opponents. The protagonists approach adulthood. Then, go through significant life events and battle into their glory days as time passes and episodes pass.


This is an RPG for gamers searching for something new, packed with unexpected gameplay, quirky protagonists, and moving narratives. Wildermyth prioritizes storytelling over all else. Taking the time to flesh out each of the game’s many heroes. Each with their own unique identities and individual issues to solve.

Its story is told through simplistic graphic novel frames, which allow the characters to visibly emote and demonstrate themselves. Specific instances present gamers with critical decisions that can end positively or negatively.

The storytelling is strong and often amusing, which aids in the development of genuine relationships, feuds, love affairs, and friendships between the various protagonists. Several of the characters will elicit strong emotional responses from gamers, who will become immersed in their lives as they reach maturity and become legends in their corresponding realms.

A very engaging game

Fortunately, the gameplay is just as gripping as the narrative. The world has a point of reference to it, as activities unfold over phases and years as the protagonists travel from borders to borders in their quest to defeat whatever forces of evil they come across.

When conflicts begin, players have a plethora of tactical selections to choose from, as each persona employs their own unique set of skills to combat opponents who develop and become more significant over time.


Veterans can plunge into advanced fighting tactics such as hunkering down behind things, lining up to construct a protective fence to divert some destruction or interfusing with things to strike opponents from almost any path. Conversely, newbies can go through confrontations by selecting the easiest difficulty configuration.

Final Thoughts

Wildermyth is a selection of many stories featuring a great array of protagonists with different skin tones, genders, and sexual orientations. Friendship, romance, and bravery play important roles in every incredible story of heroes and villains.

Every protagonist has his or her own characteristics, such as cockiness that can get them into difficulties or a deep-seated desire for romance and affection, but they are all essentially kind-hearted and trustworthy, keen to do good deeds. Clashes are nonviolent, with paper cutout protagonists wielding swords and wielding magic bouncing around a tiled panel before vanishing once conquered.

It’s an easy-to-understand but has an unexpectedly deep take on turn-based strategies. Wildermyth is a magical RPG that most supporters of the genre will appreciate. It’s endearing, enjoyable, and as challenging as you’d like it to be.

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