Day 5: Oceanid Urania Guide (Genshin Impact)

On the fifth day of Genshin Impact’s Legend of the Vagabond Sword occasion, the Oceanid Urania will face off again. To be honest, there are many parallels to be found, but there are a few exceptions. To assist you with Day 5 of the Legend of the Vagabond Sword episode and the Oceanid Urania boss battle, we’ve put together a Genshin Impact guide!

Legend of the Vagabond Sword

+20% Damage Bonus Characters

Eula Klee Rosaria

Hu Tao

  • +150% Elemental skill cooldown
  • Elemental Bursts temporarily increase the ATK of all party members.
  • Characters below 70% HP gain an ATK boost, but those above 70% HP have a reduction to their ATK.
  • +50% Pyro and/or Physical resistance for the boss.
  • Characters lose 5% of their max HP when they deal with Critical hits. This proc can kill characters.
  • Oceanid creatures have improved HP regen, and frozen targets also regen HP.
  • Hydro Mimics will spawn explosive water bombs when killed.

Oceanid Urania

  • Oceanid Urania usually summons four Hydro Mimic monsters that you must defeat. Then she’ll perform her ultimate, which necessitates you standing on the Fitful Rapids lift.
  • She’ll summon her Torrents after this set, and a few Hydro Mimic crabs will unleash as well.
  • Try to avoid the additional Hydro Mimic crabs that appear. Simply awaited the next ultimate cast to use the Fitful Rapids once more. You can use numerous charged shots to take down the Oceanid boss because she is stationary for a few seconds.

  • Additionally, keep an eye on your current character’s HP. Critical hits will reduce their health a little, so eat something if you can.
  • Finally, if you earned around 4,250 points from every Legend of the Vagabond Sword task, you must have sufficient points to get the Celebration: Battlesong name badge.


  • Finishing this mission will net gamers a substantial amount of Primogems and Adventure Rank EXP, making it well worth the energy and effort

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