Willy Morgan and the Curse of the Bone Town – Review

Our Rating: 8/10

Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town tell the story of our protagonist’s father. Henry Morgan is a famous architect who was conducting cutting-edge research in conjunction with an expedition in the Amazon. He then went missing under mysterious circumstances ten years ago, but it was all kept under wraps.

Willy and his mother were left abandoned with a plethora of mysteries that we were unaware of. That is until the arrival of an unusual letter from the day he vanished.

A curious young man

Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town is a graphic adventure with puzzles in which Willy Morgan, a very curious 15-year-old boy, wanting to know everything there is to know about his father’s disappearance. Bone Town is an unusual pirate city where we won’t be able to trust anyone. We’ll embark on an unknown and intricate adventure in a web of lies that we’ll have to unravel.

Willy Morgan will find that Bone Town has few residents. Most of the buildings have been abandoned or are poorly maintained by their owners when he arrives. The situation quickly becomes suspect when the hotelier refuses to give you a room, even if one is available. You soon realize that someone is watching you.

The pirate’s treasure

Willy’s investigation will lead him to an interesting discovery about his father’s secret movements. Henry was looking for the priceless treasure of the pirate William Kidd, which is thought to be buried in this city.

It will be difficult to find this hidden place. The map that reveals its location is made up of nine pieces that must be joined together to be found. Within our gameplay, we’ll be dealing with the standard point-and-click interface. This will allow us to move around and interact with the environment.

Furthermore, we will have an inventory in which we will keep the objects that we will collect during our adventure and combine them. Carrying certain objects that we only use once and are still kept in the inventory can be perplexing. Especially when the protagonist himself will warn us that we no longer need them and that they will vanish.

Bone Town

Along with the traditional point-and-click gameplay, we couldn’t overlook the “hot” spots. We can highlight these by pressing the space key. Making it easier to locate all of the objects with which we can interact. One option provided by the game is to leave these “hot” points activated at all times without having to press any keys. This is undoubtedly a personal preference.

We’ll also bring a map of Bone Town itself, in addition to the map we mentioned earlier. As we discover the most important locations, we will be able to teleport to them using this map, allowing us to progress faster. This makes the game more agile, and reducing the amount of time spent playing.

In terms of puzzles, these graphic adventures are notable for having a large number of them, which we must solve using the items we discover. If it is true that it depends on the observation, insight, and inspiration of the moment, then they will be puzzles from my perspective that are very intuitive.

Right in front of you

There are times when the solution is right in front of our eyes, and other times when we must use our imagination, but not in a sophisticated or unrealistic way, to ensure that we do not become stuck for long.

Although we are in an abandoned city, Bone Town will be full of unique and interesting characters with whom we will be able to interact. The dialogues are long and ironic, and they will keep us focused and busy on more than one occasion as we learn more about the city and everything that surrounds it.

On several occasions, we will have the option of choosing the answer in our dialogues, which will have no bearing on the rest of the story.

The visual style of this graphic adventure is quite appealing, and I believe it is the best part of the game; the animations and settings are well-cared for, causing them to attract attention and be enjoyable. We can see a “fisheye” effect, which places the focus of attention in the center of the scene, as well as strange and asymmetrical shapes that make a strong statement.

Places in Bone Town don’t do much other than have a few moving lights or swinging signs. In terms of the soundtrack, we’re dealing with a variety of compound themes that have the potential to be memorable but not particularly so. Finally, we’ll have all of the characters’ voices and characteristics in English, with subtitles in various languages.

Final Thoughts

Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town becomes a stand-alone graphic adventure. However, there are several areas where we believe they could improve. For example, I did not expect that the mysterious story they gave us at the start would keep me hooked for only four hours, with little gameplay but a lot of dialogues, which is exhausting for such a short game; however, I hope that Willy’s adventures continue.

Because this game could be divided into three imaginary chapters, I expected more difficulty or a different scenario to visit in terms of puzzles. And the soundtrack, without a doubt, lacked something; it was present, but it didn’t stand out or distract you. Still, it’s amusing, with a distinct sense of humor.

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