Planet Zoo: Africa Pack – Review

Our Rating: 8/10

Planet Zoo: Africa Pack introduces a new style in which you can use the available elements, as well as the new animals, to create authentic African habitats. A free update is available alongside the paid content, which included changes to some animals, new features, and other improvements and fixes.

Frontier Developments has added new furniture for a total of 180 new items. With this massive figure, we have a variety of decorative elements. It ranges from elementary to create our African areas to structures that resemble the real savannah. There are four simulation objects in the habitat section (disco ball, small bubble machine, tennis ball, and a tunnel).

New facilities

New elements have been added to the facilities. You may now house your dung beetles or other reptiles in one of three types of terrariums. A large toilet, a small toilet, and a new entrance to the Zoo are among the visitor amenities, along with a tent frame that can accommodate two or one tents.

A caretaker’s cabin, a quarantine cabin, a veterinarian’s operating room, an employee room, a research center, a workshop, and a clearinghouse are among the facilities available to employees. Terracotta and mosaics and other elements are decorations of all the facilities. Finally, we have a picnic pergola, a new bench, a picnic area, and a new bin.

There are also new additions in the construction aspect of the game. And since listing everything new would be impossible, we’ll just give you a quick rundown of the most important. New windows, doors, and roofs, and new walls, wall decorations, and awnings/housings.

You now have a wide range of wall sign elements. A lamppost and a wall light are now available to our zoos to provide illumination. There are 13 themed accessories and four new fence styles available in the accessories section.

El Darar Bazaar

These are just a few of the features in Planet Zoo: Africa Pack, which also includes a wide range of building plans with African themes. There are three different trail styles to choose from as well. And, as always, thanks to the STEAM Workshop manager, you’ll be able to benefit from other players’ creations by owning this pack.

El Darar Bazaar is now available to the Planet Zoo: Africa Pack by Frontier Developments. Where you’ll have to work around space constraints to turn this desert treasure into a must-see tourist attraction. However, a celebrity comes at a price! The zoo’s shaky power generators fail every two-thirds of the time, so focus on heat management, research new sustainable options like solar and wind, and give this location a makeover.

A completely free-timed stage has been set up next to El Darar Bazaar. In this new scenario, you’ll take over an animal reserve and give various rescued species from Guatemala a permanent home. There will be no animals available for adoption at the exchange center as a fun touch. Instead, you will occasionally receive rescued animals as a gift. Your main goal should be to improve animal welfare, so try to create habitats that meet their needs.

Bears, Bears, and More Bears

Along with the release of Planet Zoo: Africa Pack, all players who own the base game and have not purchased the new DLC have received update 1.6. Several changes have been made to our zoos as part of this new update. Starting with the bears, who can now swim to greater depths, a better immersion is possible. Polar Bears, Grizzly Bears, Taiwanese Black Bears, and Malay Bears will all have new animations coming soon.

The creation mode has a new look, which is complemented by a more comprehensive set of defaults. Many social welfare options will be off when you first start, so you won’t have to waste time deactivating things like overpopulation, animal stress, fights, fear, and hunting. Furthermore, among many other features, the accumulation of dirt in the water is also off by default. In addition, values in the quality of life characteristics have been modified, making the construction and management of your zoo much simpler.

Final Thoughts

Finally, there are two items that we strongly recommend. The first is a configurable new webcam that you can place in your habitats. Along with its night vision and other filters, this camera has 80 degrees rotation. Along with relevant information like the camera’s name, date, and time. Second, an element for creating places with views is now available. This new object will aid us in crowd control and better guiding visitors through the zoo. You can find a complete list of the modifications made here.

Every time, we’ll have five new animals (rather than the previous paid content’s eight) to help us diversify our habitats. There are 180 new decorative objects along with the animals, including new habitats, nature, construction, and facility elements. Everything is being done so that a new theme, such as African, will be available.

Not only has new content been added, but there is also a new timed scenario. It’s the El Darar Bazaar, in which players must complete certain objectives to prove that they’re zookeepers. Planet Zoo has also been updated for free with new functions, elements, and a free timed scenario for those who have yet to purchase the new pack. Finally, we can safely recommend Planet Zoo: Africa Pack for all base game players who want to expand their zoos with new animals and a new theme.

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