Genshin Impact: Kaboomball Kombat Guide

Kaboomball Kombat is a brand-new activity where you can obtain a variety of prizes, such as Primogems and more! Gamers, understandably, have a lot of queries about the episode. “How do I begin the Kaboomball Kombat?”, for instance.  What’s the best way to play it? What’s the best way for me to get all of those prizes? Every one of those topics will be answered in this article!

Kaboomball Kombat

  • EVENT START: 2nd of July
    EVENT END: 12th of July
  • You simply need to enter the game to begin the Kaboomball Kombat game mode. You’ll get the mission “Big Badaboom Battle” if you’re AR21 or higher.
  • It will bring you directly to Dodoco Island, a blue-domed islet found in the Golden Apple Archipelago. You don’t have to finish every one of the Archipelago episodes!
  • Simply follow the mission symbol to the Kaboomball court and engage with the portrait of Albedo that’ll be nearby. You can’t miss it! It resembles a bunny wearing a crown.
  • You could either start a solo game or use matchmaking to start a game with another player. The game works the same regardless of how you want to play it!


  • You must utilize your Dodoguard to revert back Kaboomballs fired at you by the Fortresses to disrupt and demolish.
  • You could get a Normal Return or a Perfect Return based on how well you time it. The latter causes more harm, and the tiny star effect that appears will pop out once you’ve achieved it. Remember that you can dash as well!
  • The fury gauge of the Dodo Fortress increases as you cause harm to it. Once it’s full, the Fortress reaches the Fury Faze, which increases the number of balls fired and increases the probability of Special Kaboomballs being fired.
  • In addition, the Fortresses will occasionally erect a large red cloak which can only be destroyed with Perfect Returns. It’ll take some effort, but you’ll get it in the end.



Super-Simple Ball

Regular ball.

Foggy-Groggy Ball

Obscures your vision on hit.

Chilly-Frilly Ball

Applies Cyro and slows the player down.

Breezy-Burny Ball

Deals more damage during a successful return shot.

Matter-Chatter Ball

Fires 3 quick kaboomballs after a successful return shot.

Twisty-Turny Ball

Unpredictable flight trajectory.

The Shazamfruits that will appear on the court should also be considered. There are 3 of them, and each one of them can assist you in some way.


Zoom-Fwoom Fruit

+ Movement Speed

Fury Fruit

+ Fury
Ping Pong Fruit

Automatically sends back a Kaboomball.



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