Genshin Impact: Where To Find Wolfhook

A Wolfhook is a violet fruit discovered in Mondstadt, and they’re also among Mondstadt specialization you may gather every week to advance in your Battle Pass. While it’s not generally utilized in any of the game’s dishes, you’ll want a lot of it if you wish to level up Razor in your group.

Where To Find Wolfhook

You’ll want a lot of Wolfhooks to progress Razor and take him to tier cap. The bottom line is that Wolfhooks are among the game’s simplest assets to obtain because they’re primarily concentrated in the Wolvendom region of Mondstadt. Alternatively, check out the official interactive map by CLICKING HERE!

  • To reach the wolf boss stadium, simply warp to Wolvendom and take the route up. To find the Wolfhooks, look to the edge of the trail in the woodlands, while also searching behind the shrubbery. Once you’ve arrived at the stadium, go around it to discover much more.
  • You could get a few quick Small Lamp Grasses while leveling personas like Fischl or Diluc. You’ll want these ascension resources for such protagonists, so gathering them while going around this path isn’t a bad idea!

Razor, 4★ DPS

  • Razor is a fantastic main DPS team member. He is widely regarded as being among the strongest 4★ characters in the game. We suggest pairing him with Diona in a group because she can aid initiate superconduct and give assistance.
  • Despite the fact that Razor was brought up by wolves, he is identified as having a sweet personality and will go out of his way to help someone in need. Razor is a quiet man as a result of his upbringing, but he is actively attempting to reintegrate with people.
  • Razor, like a wolf, prefers meat to veggies, with the exception of potatoes. Because of this, he and Bennett get along swimmingly and devote the majority of their time chatting.

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