Inazuma Islands + Sakura Tree Latest Leaks (Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact’s latest update, which includes Inazuma, will be released shortly.  Gamers are also continuing to receive leaks that give details about the imminent territory. Once these islands are available, they will have so much to anticipate. The territory of Electro appears to be a large world to cover after all!

Furthermore, leaks have disclosed there might be some obstructions in place. This is to prevent gamers from going too far with their exploration. They claim that some coasts will not be available when Inazuma launches. Additionally, a few perks will be delayed until future updates.

New Leaks

Inazuma will be available in Patch 2.0. This will comprise three islands for gamers to uncover, as per a thread by Genshin Report, a reliable leak provider. This may seem counterintuitive to assumptions of the entire area being out and accessible for adventure.

  • Players may have to allow time for the tale to proceed before exploring all of these archipelagos as they’ll be out in future updates. As the existing map of Inazuma reveals, they’ll still have more than enough territories to discover. The rest of the islands may come out sooner than many expect.
  • With a large map to investigate, gamers will have a great deal of land to cover when Patch 2.0 launches. This makes a significant update for the game. Inazuma is a huge archipelago, and despite the possibility of a time-gate on certain regions, they would have a lot of missions to accomplish and opponents to destroy in the near future.

Sacred Sakura Tree

According to leaks, gamers’ levels on the Sacred Sakura tree will be level 20, rather than the normal level 50. This is most probably due to the fact that the Electro Sigils are only available on the last three islands. Requiring gamers to sit tight for more bonuses from this holy tree.

Every moment a gamer wants to advance through a level, they’ll need to offer 25 Electro Sigils, which they can get by finishing tasks and opening chests. Finishing this tree will net them a slew of fantastic bonuses, such as a slew of Fates and even Weapon Prototypes!

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