Where To Find Geoculus – Locations, Best Spots (Genshin Impact)

Geoculus are unique items observed in the Liyue Region, similar to the Anemoculus discovered in the Mondstadt Region of the universe. Genshin  Once you’ve accumulated a large number of these items, take them to one of the Statue of the Seven places in the Liyue province and exchange them for some very beneficial prizes!

Where To Find

  • Now we understand – that is a massive photo. The detail will be difficult to see. However, you can tap on it to enlarge it and hover in to see it more clearly.
  • Genshin Impact has a massive map. The simplest way to illustrate all of the Geoculus spots is to put them all on one map. Alternatively, you can access the official interactive map by clicking HERE!
  • There is a sum of 131 Geoculus to discover and snag, which is quite a number. The map above depicts all the spots in their entirety.


Furthermore, there is one Geoculus in specific that you must be aware of: the one at the northern tip of our map is concealed beneath the earth, and you won’t be able to find it until you complete the mission “The Chi of Guyun.” That’s why you won’t be able to find it!

The best part is that Geoculus are fairly simple to pinpoint in-game, and once you’re near enough, your minimap will provide you with a more precise position.  The Geoculus is frequently lightly concealed or visible but in an inaccessible location.

The Geoculus are also abundantly clear – they’re gleaming and of the golden hue that gamers affiliate with the Geo element. They’ll often mock you by being so noticeable that you’ll have to work hard to get to them.

Although they aren’t the most challenging item to locate, collecting all of the Geoculus will take a little longer. After you’ve gathered a large number of them, you can exchange them for some useful enhancements.

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