Chivalry 2 – Review

Our Rating: 8/10

Chivalry Medieval Warfare was released on our computers almost 9 years ago by Torn Banner Studios. It’s a multiplayer action game that deviates from the norm by focusing on medieval combat. Use your ability to use weapons, shields, and character movement is critical to victory. Years later, thanks to Chivalry 2, which improves on its first installment’s playable proposal and is full of action, fun, sword strokes, sweat, tears, and a lot of blood, we can step into the shoes of a medieval knight and compete in an eternal war between the Mason army and the Agate.

Bloody multiplayer battles in the Middle Ages

Chivalry 2 offers us, like its predecessor, multiplayer medieval combats with various objectives in which we must defend or attack specific points or engage in a “simple” and bloody battle with the opposing army, using the four available classes, a vast arsenal of hand-to-hand weapons, various shields, and even stage elements to defeat our foes.

The combat is simple to learn but difficult to master. It requires the ability to perform blows in all directions. You can use a combination of keystrokes and mouse movement to trace the trajectory of horizontal or vertical blows, for example. We can also defend ourselves against enemy attacks. Do this by dodging, feints, and even counterattacking if we predict the trajectory of the opponent’s thrust.

The combat system is hilarious and highly satisfying.

It is simple to execute blows when fighting. However, it is more difficult to master our character’s resistance. Know when to stop or counterattack, give a small kick to get rid of our opponent, dodge or know what blow to strike at any given time.
The most beautiful moment at the playable level is when we have to face one against another warrior. We get to analyze the range of his weapon, and his speed. There’s also a variety of other factors that will allow us to emerge victoriously.

During the battle, there will be a lot of blood and various parts of the enemy’s bodies will be up into the air. It’s also possible that a blow will cause our weapon to fall or our arms to fly away. This forces us to fight with one hand while a sarcastic message appears that says, “it’s just a scratch.”

Very well designed scenarios and game modes … although rare

The quality of Chivalry 2’s settings is, of course, one of the game’s strongest points. All of them have a beautiful design, both visually and in terms of gameplay. There is an advantageous point for attackers and defenders in attack and defense modes. As well as completely symmetrical maps if we have to face each other in battles to kill the most people. What matters are your adversaries.

Each map has its own unique and entertaining elements. You can find these in both the various objectives that we must complete in the attack or defense maps. Including the alternative weapons or objects that we can use to attack the enemies. They are not limited to large stones, barrels, or large crossbows, but also include the ability to collect. You can throw fish, crucifixes, and other objects, for example. Some scenarios even include blunt or fire traps to add to the combat’s complexity.

On the other hand, we discover that Chivalry 2 lacks content in both game modes and scenarios. The game currently has eight maps. Five of which are designed for “objectives” or attack/defense mode. Three of which are designed for a team or all-against-all combat to the death.

Everything is well-designed, entertaining, and enjoyable, but we would have liked to have seen an additional game mode or scenario. The studio has already announced that several free DLC will be released, which is a positive aspect of this lack. This will increase the number of maps and game modes available, with the first downloadable set to arrive in July, adding two new maps and a new game mode, as well as other improvements and additions like more voices for the game’s soldiers.

A good technical finish with many customization options

When it comes to the technical side of things, Chivalry 2 delivers on both a graphic and, more importantly, an artistic level, providing us with truly stunning images while also allowing us to enjoy fluid animations on most occasions (when our fighter makes the battle cry, he sometimes slides in instead of walking) and providing good performance on our computer with gaming specs and maximum graphics.

The issue of connectivity and servers is another technical aspect that must get a fix in a multiplayer game. In this regard, we discovered a quick departure, and our experience on the servers was generally positive, though we did encounter specific problems such as connection drops or “lapses.” What we didn’t care for was the group system, which caused us several issues when inviting other friends to play the same game with us.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we must add a good number of options for customizing our various warriors with aesthetic modifications to the weapons, armor, heraldry, or appearance of our characters, in addition to the good graphic packaging and a sound that performs admirably. You can get these mods with either game money or real money. As previously stated, they are only cosmetic modifiers that do not affect the playability of weapons or armor.

We were very happy with Chivalry 2’s experience, which included wild medieval battles to dazzle fans. It was a truly entertaining title that provided us with frantic action, humor, challenging combats, and a meticulously designed game in all aspects that allowed us to enjoy each of the battles we participated in. All thanks to a system of highly polished and effective combat that is reinforced by the company of well-designed artistic and playable scenarios that are also loaded with touches of humor.

The only criticism we have is that the group system could be improved and that the game could use a little more content, both in terms of maps and game modes, which Torn Banner Studios has already stated will be addressed in future free updates. If you enjoyed the first Chivalry or enjoy medieval action, Chivalry 2 will provide you with everything you desire in a game of this genre.

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