Traveler’s Picture Book Easy Guide (Genshin Impact)

The Travelers Picture Book is the most recent mobile episode to be added to Genshin Impact, allowing gamers to obtain a wide range of prizes. The opportunity to instantly enter and accomplish the activity without using a mobile device through the recently introduced “Special Event” button in the menu sets this mobile event apart from earlier installments in Genshin Impact!

Travelers Picture Book

  • You are granted entry to a photo book that is broken down into a sequence of tiles during the event. Gamers should fill in the tiles with coatings to finish the event. This will slowly expose sections of the finished picture.
  • Gamers can obtain paint by finishing a number of challenges that change every day during the event. You must obtain a sum of 18 painting shades in order to accomplish the image. It will necessitate completing 18 quests.

Event Mechanics

  • Every day, they will introduce three new tasks. This includes several tasks like logging into the event to more challenging tasks like farming three Noctilucous Jade.
  • With the event operating until July 13th, there will be more than enough simpler tasks provided that gamers won’t have to go out of their way to accomplish, so you shouldn’t feel obligated to finish all of the recently introduced everyday events.

  • In addition, when gamers have completed the whole image, they will earn the Genshin Impact decoration “Cradle in the Flowers.” Players must be aware that the prizes they earn from the Travelers Picture Book event are not immediately released to their profile; instead, they may claim them from the mail after finishing the event’s activities.


While there are more significant prizes for finishing every one of the portrait’s four primary segments, gamers will earn a randomly generated prize for every tile they paint.


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