How To Beat Maguu Kenki (Genshin Impact)

Maguu Kenki is among Genshin Impact’s most powerful normal bosses. Participate in the Legends of the Vegabond Sword episode to confront it. Get to know the best ways to defeat this monster in this guide!

Maguu Kenki

  • We must first review Maguu Kenki’s skills and attack variations before moving on to how to beat him. He has the ability to dash to gamers and then perform a three-time slash attack.
  • Now let’s talk about his Oni Mask ability. During the fight, the boss awakens a number of oni masks. However, this mask is not meant to be worn on the face, but rather as a combat weapon. It employs three different types of oni masks.


Safeguards Maguu Kenki from long-range strikes.


Maguu Kenki casts a mask in front of him and pushes it forward to deal harm.


Creates a swirling mask in front of your character that explodes.

Tips, How To Beat

  • Here are some suggestions for dealing with them. While the Protective mask is dispatched, Maguu Kenki is unable to attack. Confront it and strike it with swords from a close distance.
  • You’ll be able to anticipate the dash of the pushing mask. To avoid the push, use your own dash and strike it while it holds for several seconds just after push.
  • Dual Sword Burst is another special skill of Maguu Kenki that deals elemental damage. It has the ability to summon more swords by charging them up and beating them down. The boss will be surrounded by a crystalline spike that will deal Anemo and Cyro damage.
  • Instead of elemental damage type, attack spacing is the best way to beat this enemy. Keep your distance from it and stay away from ranged characters. Only use your dashes to avoid skillsets like Dual Sword Burst or pushing mask.

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