Genshin Impact: Windwheel Asters Best Farm Locations

In the universe of Genshin Impact, materials are an important asset. It’s highly advised that you collect all materials you come across, even if you believe you have plenty. You don’t want to be caught off guard when a character’s Ascension requires X quantities of a single item, and you have no clue where to obtain it fast. It’s helpful to remember that some materials don’t change when enhancing characters, but the number needed does! The Monstadt Local Specialty Windwheel Asters are one such instance, and we can show you where to locate them!

Windwheel Aster Farm Spots

  • Statues Of The Seven
    • Windwheel Aster can be found growing on statues at both Windrise and Dawn Wineries.
  • Stormterror’s Lair
    • It’s a little out of the way, but the risky spot is among the ideal locations to locate a few of them.
  • Under Trees
    • Search for the Windwheel Aster’s trademark pink petals beneath trees if you’re out in the woods.
  • Flora In Mondstadt
    • Flora can sell you several Windwheel Asters each day if you don’t want to devote your days running through fields.
  • Chunshui In Liyue
    • Chunshui praises Barbatos amidst his Liyue residence. As a result, if you inquire about the Anemo Archon and send your “best wishes” to her fisherman spouse, she will gladly give you five Windwheel Asters. It only applies once, so don’t expect to use it on a regular basis.
  • Alternatively, CLICK HERE to view the official interactive map to find all of the Windwheel Aster!

Where To Use

  • Windwheel Aster is a necessary component for the Ascension of three characters. Bennet, Sucrose, and the lead character, also identified as the Traveler. To level up each character to the maximum, gamers will use 168 Windwheel Aster, which is a significant amount in and of itself. If you use two or all three characters in your group, you’ll need 336 or 504 in a combined amount!
  • It’s surely better to wait until you reach Adventure Rank 20 and activate the Battle Pass before looking for Windwheel Asters. Weekly Missions are found within the Battle Pass, and one of these quests is to gather 100 Mondstadt Local Specialties, which happens to include the Windwheel Aster.

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