Genshin Impact: Never-Ending Battle Easy Guide

When we’re just having filler activities, you know we’re getting close to the end of a Genshin Impact edition. We can’t complain though. After all, they’re simple tasks, and having more resources is always a plus. Here’s how to get the most out of Genshin Impact’s Never-Ending Battle episode.

Never-Ending Battle Event

  • So, how does this occasion function? Simply select the event section and travel to the designated spot in the Golden Apple Archipelago. The task logo allows you to choose the degree of difficulty, so make sure to check it first.
  • The goal is to kill as many enemies as you can before the time limit expires (3 minutes and 30 seconds) in order to gain points. Given the large number of the enemy swarm, we recommend bringing characters who can deal a lot of damage or who can provide a lot of support.  Continue to assault your opponents until the clock runs out. Fingers crossed, you’ll reach the reward’s highest score.



Childe Ganyu Kazuha Venti

Similarly, you should assess different impacts, such as the Momentum gauge at the top of the window. Momentum appears to have different influences based on the task.

Rondo of Ice and Thunder Mechanics

  • +100% Superconduct Damage
  • There are 3 stages to the Momentum gauge, and it will gradually deteriorate as time pass.
  • Cryo/Physical damage is increased.
  • Normal and charged attacks both produce an AoE blast wave at level three.
  • Momentum is increased partially by beating “Berserker” enemies (red danger symbol).

  • Bullseye objectives made of wood will also summon on a regular basis. Toss balls at these items with the Harpastum device. Momentum is gained by destroying them.

Momentum has a beneficial impact on DPS. Nonetheless, the controls may be difficult to play, supposing you’re seeking to dismantle the wooden target panels. To use the Harpastum device, press “Z,” then “E” to toss the ball.  It can wreak havoc on your skill trigger and rotation.

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