Genshin Impact: Is Baal Playable? Release Date + New Leaks

Plenty of upcoming playable personas from Inazuma have been hinted at by Genshin Impact leaks, and one noteworthy example is Baal. The Raiden Shogun is the nation’s ruler, and she also appears to be the Electro Archon. Baal, unlike the other archons, doesn’t seem to mind proclaiming her existence. At some point during the Inazuma narrative, which starts in 2.0, this cryptic commander is predicted to become a playable persona!

Possible Release Date

  • According to a well-known leaker, Genshin Report, the Electro Archon becomes a new character in a later edition than 2.1. MiHoYo has other personas in mind for 2.1, it appears. Since the new 2.0 protagonists Ayaka, Yoimiya, and Sayu were verified during the broadcast, gamers can anticipate Baal to show up later.
  • Numerous leaks from the past talk about Baal’s inclusion in Genshin Impact, which is unsurprising given her status as an archon. Genshin Report’s leak contradicts a rumor on Baidu Tieba that Baal would be accessible in version 2.1.
  • Baal’s actual launch date is currently unknown, so she may essentially make her premiere anytime after 2.0. Gamers shouldn’t assume to activate her until subsequently this year at the soonest.

Traveler x Baal

  • The Traveler’s interaction with the Electro Archon, based on the 2.0 broadcast, will be a centerpiece in Genshin Impact’s main narrative. As a key component of that mission, the Traveler must uncover Teyvat, gain knowledge about Khaenri’ah, and confront the archons.
  • With the current representation of the Archon Baal, the encounter between the Traveler and Baal will be interesting. Baal appears to be a dictator in Genshin Impact thus far. During her search for Vision bearers, she has banned foreign travel into and out of Inazuma.
  • Baal’s actual motivations for such radical action are uncertain at this time.  Fortunately, the webcast hinted that the narrative would unveil what she fights for and what she’s been guarding.

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