Genshin Impact 1st Anniversary – All Details

On September 28th, MiHoYo’s Genshin Impact will mark its 1 Year Anniversary. The game has been receiving major patches, so the first annual celebration must be included in edition 2.1. Let’s go over what we can expect!

Moonchase Festival

  • According to reports, the celebration will take place at about the same period as the Moonchase Festival, in which Keqing is expected to show up!
  • According to rumors, Keqing will only play minimal importance in the Moonchase Festival. Because she is the Yuheng of the Qixing, which controls Liyue, it’s plausible she has some authoritative responsibilities in the celebration. Keqing’s precise involvement in the festival, however, remains unclear.

Giveaways! + Rumors

  • Genshin’s first annual celebration patch will, as per leaker Genshin Report, give fantastic bonuses. According to rumors, the update will include more than just banner rotation and celebration ceremonies. During the celebration, gamers can incur a fortune of Primogems by playing Genshin Impact. Many gamers are expecting MiHoYo to be gracious in September, according to Genshin Report’s Twitter post. Nonetheless, the details are still vague.
  • Primogem incentives are available in almost all limited-time episodes in Genshin Impact, so gamers will just have to sit tight and see whether getting lots of Primogems truly classifies as “a lot.”
  • A few gamers have already presumed that as part of the first anniversary celebrations, they will obtain a free character or weapon. The Lantern Rite Festival in the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Discord was especially in comparison to the celebration.

It’s possible that, like the Lantern Rite Festival, the commemoration will reward players with a free character or weapon.  Numerous gamers are wishing for a 5-star character freebie as part of the event, which might be uncharacteristic of miHoYo. Aside from Primogems, gamers must dial down their demands for any annual celebration bonuses until more leaks emerge. Aside from Genshin Report’s twitter posts, no other leaks have indicated what the Genshin Impact anniversary perks might be.

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