Genshin Impact: Mysterious Voyage Guide

Genshin’s Mysterious Voyage event is now open for registration. This activity is only accessible via an internet browser and emphasizes gamers following a pre-determined path. Through the event, gamers can earn prizes such as Mora. Furthermore, even after the episode has concluded, the event page will remain available. Know more about this event below!

The website will remain visible after the duration is over, as stated earlier. The existing stamina system, on the other hand, will be completely eliminated. Furthermore, finishing the different tasks can not result in any event-related prizes.

Mysterious Voyage

  • Paimon and the Traveler start to wake up on a vessel with a Nautical Manual at the start of the adventure. The gamers will then be presented with a handful of choices. Gamers can investigate a total of 40 locations, but each one costs energy to enter. CLICK HERE to access the official Event Page.
  • Finishing the activities and obstacles on the event page will garner you more energy. The following are some examples of Day One tasks:
    • 60 Points: Daily Log In
    • 20 Points: Daily Event Sharing
    • 20 Points: For checking the “Taste of Summer Fan Art” Competition

  • In addition to Mora acquired via adventure, gamers who share the event will receive a sum of 10,000 Mora. As gamers journey to Inazuma during the Mysterious Voyage event, the priority is on investigating the ocean.

Defend Your Boat

  • Your vessel may be attacked occasionally. Small circles will show up on the window throughout these segments of the event, surrounded by another shrink circle. The goal is to click on the circle as the shrinking circle approaches it.
  • Continually doing so will result in the boat’s defense being successful. To prevail, you must protect at least the majority of the arriving threats and pay 10 energy to reveal the region you are in. If you don’t succeed, you’ll lose 10 energy and the region will be closed.

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