Genshin Impact: How To Get Beidou For Free

“Thunder Sojourn” is among the upcoming events in Genshin 2.0.  It was briefly mentioned during the 2.0 broadcast, and it has now been verified that Beidou will be awarded as a prize. Gamers who would like to play the intriguing Electro DPS persona must make every effort to partake in this episode!

Thunder Sojourn

  • The Thunder Sojourn event will have four segments in total. To finish the event, gamers will almost certainly have to beat every one of the opponents in each segment.
  • For the time being, the narrative of this episode is mysterious. Even so, a character called Muzhen requires assistance looking for an objective, which most likely relates to a particular opponent, according to the synopsis for the Bolt Blitz portion of the event.
  • Because Muzhen holds a position on Beidou’s vessel (Alcor), we might see the involvement of the Crux Fleet and pirate tales!

How To Get Beidou

  • The Thunder Sojourn episode’s incentives have been made public. Primogems, a Crown of Insight, and Beidou as a freebie character are among the benefits that gamers will obtain. Mora, new Inazuma talent books, Hero’s Wit, and ascension stones are among the other items available as rewards.
  • You will obtain Beidou if you gather sufficient event currency, according to the broadcast. It might indicate that Beidou will be available for purchase at an event shop. If this is the scenario, the shop will account for the majority of the event’s prizes. Irrespective, we recommend farming the event currency as much as possible to obtain Beidou.

Genshin Impact’s Beidou, Who Is She?

Beidou has played a significant role in the Genshin Impact plot. She was previously seen in the mission “Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves,” where she pledged to assist the Traveler in reaching Inazuma. With Inazuma’s appearance in 2.0, she’ll almost undoubtedly return on a mission to keep her promise.

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