Intruder (Early Access) – Review

Our Rating: 9/10

Intruder is a stealth multiplayer game in which a group of guards must defend an objective from a group of intruders. Intruder, unlike other tactical team shooting games like Rainbow Six Siege or Zero Hour, focuses on providing a free-form sandbox for gamers to explore rather than choke points and metas to discover.

However, we have a level editor that the community has been churning out high-quality maps that rival, if not outperform, the developer team’s official releases. There are four weapons and twelve gadgets available in the game right now. While the weapons are a bit lacking, the developer has promised that more additions will be made to the game in the future.

On March 2nd, 2019, Intruder gained early access. It’s important to note, though, that in 2012, the developers began selling an early access build through their website. They’ve been doing this for a while. Even with the covid 19 restraints, updates are dropping every two to three months. The developers have stated unequivocally that the value of Intruder will keep rising as the game’s content expands. As a result, the sooner you buy in, the cheaper it will be. It’s not a determining factor, but it’s something to consider.

Stealth Multiplayer

So, what distinguishes Intruder from the rest of the pack? Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell were both heavily influenced in the development of the game. Instead of dozens of weapons and military realism, Intruder emphasizes stealth and espionage. Instead, Intruder provides you with a variety of gadgets and tools. As well as beautifully designed maps with enough depth to support any attack strategy you can think of. Additionally, they have a reliable communication system to tie everything together. It’s both intense and ridiculous as a whole, and it’s somewhere in the middle that Intruder shines.

Let’s discuss map design and how it interacts with the environment. The Intruders have a large number of entry points on each map. Whether it’s a maze of air vents, zip lines leading to rooftop entry points, concourse corridors, or cliffside ledgers, there’s something for everyone. The guards are frequently unable to protect everyone at the same time.

Intruders Vs. Guards

A guard team can deal with this in some ways. They could set up remote explosives and motion detectors at a specific entry point to warn them if they’re being flanked. They might also come across a security room with iMac-style computers that display security footage. You could leave a player there to broadcast the movements as they happen. They could also rush the opposing team down a corridor, launching an all-out assault before the Intruders can make any preparations.

The beauty of all this liberty is that the Intruders have the same amount. The mind games and baiting tactics begin here. This freedom is granted thanks to the excellent map design, which makes Intruder feel more like jazz than the traditional Counter-Strike rock. The environments are also more interactive than those found in most similar games. Using your mouse’s scroll wheel, open vents and doors gradually. This allows you to break down a door and use the incredible selfie stick camera to scan a room for danger before entering.

To unlock a room, keypads may ask for codes. These codes are written on interactive papers strewn about the desks. To gain access to some doors, you must pick the locks. While the interactions are simple, they help to make the world feel more tangible than just a place where shootings take place.

Communication Is Key

Intruder’s secret source relies heavily on in-game communication. There are three methods for coordinating with your group. There’s a local broadcast that lets you speak freely to anyone within earshot. Then there’s physical radio, which will broadcast to any member of your team who is still alive. Finally, a series of clicks and hand gestures based on real-world swat training is used.

The beauty of it all is that if the enemy team is within hearing distance, they can overhear all of these communication forms, making for some interesting moments. Nothing beats sitting in an event and overhearing an enemy team plotting and revealing their position. Even better is intentionally falsifying information to lure an adversary into a trap.

The comms are also necessary for knowing your crew’s status. When someone is killed in the line of duty or arrested, there is no way of knowing. As their team is picked off one by one, a good team will keep track of their headcounts to see if they’re likely to be outmanned.

Mind Games

Several of our favorite aspects of this game are the tactical advantages and the ability to play mind games with only your voice. Intruder moves uniquely compared to most other games. Health, energy, and balance are the three states that players must maintain. Health is self-explanatory. Stamina is effective energy. Depending on your stance, balance is a fascinating concept.

You’ll have a different balance rating whether you’re standing crouched or prone. This rating will not only affect the accuracy of your shots, but it will also affect your chances of being knocked to the ground and stunned for a few moments if you are hit by a straight bullet or are in an area where there is an explosion.

This allows an opponent to arrest you, knocking you out of the round. However, you’ll almost always get shot in the face as a result. However, as with everything else in Intruder, this is a double-edged sword. Sometimes it appears as if you’ve scored a kill. As you get closer, your opponent will rise and get the upper hand. There’s even a dedicated feign death key that encourages this type of behavior, turning something that appears ridiculous into a viable double-crossing strategy.

A breath of fresh air

Another point we’d like to discuss is this. Intruder can be a lot of fun. If you jump on any railing, you’ll slip and fall, causing a screeching sound of embarrassment that can be heard from across the room. By pressing the feign death key, you can fling yourself through a window. There’s even a gadget called the tactical banana, which is a banana peel that can be as deadly as it is hilarious when strategically placed. Although Intruder is a serious game, the humor provided by these moments leaves an indelible impression.

The visual aspect of Intruder is weak. The graphics aren’t particularly attractive, which may be a problem for some users. However, many people are more interested in mechanics and graphics, and Intruder excels in both areas. The majority of the time, lobbies are silent. The official discord, on the other hand, is extremely active, and you will quickly find new friends to play with if you post in there looking for games.

Unique Gameplay

The number of weapons in the game isn’t particularly large. However, given the stealth and gadget-based gameplay, this shouldn’t be a major concern. However, for some people, the lack of guns will be a major issue. While the developers insist that more will be added as development progresses, this won’t be on the same scale as Rainbow Six Siege or Call of Duty.

Intruder may not have the same leveling or unlocking systems as other competitive shooters. It lacks graphical fidelity and thousands of players waiting to play. Intruder, on the other hand, provides something that none of the other games do.

Options include rushing an enemy team and focusing on intense gunfights, rigging up a room to deceive your opponents with radio conversations to your teammates and watching them on security cameras before blowing them up, and rigging up a room to deceive your opponents with radio conversations to your teammates and watching them on security cameras before blowing them up.
Reliance on environmental interaction, tactical espionage, and what feels like endless moments of random luck are all things you don’t see in many games.

Even placing a tactical banana behind a locked door so that when they open it, they hilariously slip down a flight of stairs and you can arrest them when they lay there twitching in pain.

Final Thoughts

We believe they’ve already delivered one of the most distinctive shooters available. In the end, if any of this excites you and you’re willing to call into the official discord to organize some games, it’s worth picking up in early access. If you want to pick up a game and find a match without planning ahead of time, and you don’t already have a group of friends who own Intruder, you should wait and see if the population grows as the game progresses. Overall, Intruder is a one-of-a-kind shooter that could quickly become one of your favorites.

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